Sunday, June 24, 2012

Now i can blog easier on my iPad! #SBA2012

Remember the previous post where i bought a stylus for my iPad through the Qoo10 mobile app? I ended the post with "Psst, i got something else for my iPad, just waiting for it to arrive!" and it finally arrived at my mail box! This is perhaps the last post that i'll be blogging about the digital items that i got from Qoo10, the next few will be on... You shall see ;)

I always tell my friends that the iPad is one of my best buys ever because it definitely changes my life. Ever since i got my iPad, i don't even bother to turn on my netbook. If i ever turn on my netbook, it's only for 2 reasons. #1: Photoshop and #2: Blogging. Other than that, everything else like Youtube, internet browsing, watch movies etc is all on my iPad.

By right, i could have used my iPad to blog too, but i still prefer the "traditional" way of typing on the physical keyboard compared to the iPad on-screen keyboard. Especially when typing wordy posts. (Any iPad users have the same mindset as me?) This is when i decided to try my luck in searching for a Bluetooth wireless keyboard for my iPad on Qoo10! :D

After searching for quite awhile and reading reviews, i decided to get this:


I even used a $1 coupon discount so this keyboard cost me only $17.99 with FREE shipping! By the way if you are interested in getting one for yourself, here's the LINK. I thought it was a rather good bargain since it's quite difficult to find a Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard for iPad at less than 20 bucks at stores outside. Ordered it and it came a week later!

It came packed nicely, bubble wrapped. I was so excited that i ripped off the packaging, insert 2 AAA batteries (not included, thank god i have it at home!) and started trying to connect it to my iPad just to check if it works!


All i do nowadays is that i use my netbook to photoshop all the photos, upload it to blogger and save the post as draft. As and when i have the 'feel' to blog, i just have to grab my iPad and keyboard and start blogging! The amazing thing about the iPad is, everything loads so fast! You don't even have to wait for it to start up compared to a computer. All i have to do is just press the 'sleep' button, connect to wireless/3G and i can start on a new blog post! 3 cheers!


Throughout the past nights browsing the Qoo10 mobile app, i couldn't getting these as well :|

Was browsing at around 11pm+, Wireless mouse on time sale at just $4.90!

I thought it's a good time to upgrade my wired mouse to a wireless one since it's only $4.90! (you tell me where to get a wireless mouse at $4.90 in stores!) It's now so much easier to bring my mouse around plus it's much neater compared to having the wires dangling! It's now $8.50 on Qoo10 which i thought was rather cheap too! Here the LINK to it!

2600MAH Portable charger for my devices at only $13.85! Thanks to Group Buy!

I've always been using the "plug in" type of portable charger shown on the left photo but i always seem to have a problem with it. (By the way, this is already my 3rd one and it's not working very well. FML) I don't know if you guys have this problem but the 'pin' tends to get loose after awhile, rendering it useless unless you patiently adjust it to at a 'certain' angle -_- That's when i decided to get a different type of portable charger as shown on the right photo! :D

Thanks to Qoo10 Group buy, i got a 2600MAH (more capacity than the usual 1900MAH!) charger at $13.85! Even though now i have to bring an extra cable out, i think it's worth it since i know it won't spoil so easily. It's now available on Group buy at $14.95 if you are thinking of getting! Here's the LINK! There are a lot of types available on Qoo10 too!


Most of you won't know this but...

Do you know that the seller only gets the money after you click "Confirm Delivery"?

I was quite surprised when i was told this fact from Doris, the representative from Qoo10 during the briefing. Qoo10 actually 'holds' the money that we pay for the product, and when we received the item and click 'confirm delivery', they 'release' money to the seller. This way they are protecting the buyers in case there's a need for refund etc. Thanks!

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