Saturday, June 9, 2012

Getting a DSLR bag from #Qoo10!

Well, ever since i got my new Lumix G2 camera a few weeks ago, i have always wanted to get a new DSLR bag for it because the free 'default' bag that comes along with is a bit... erm...

I have no idea how the photo turned out this way but the effect is kinda nice, LOL

As you can see from the above photo, the bag is a bit too... "Professional" looking. Honestly speaking, it doesn't match with most of my clothes and there isn't even enough space to put the rest of my items such as my wallet, my phone, iPod etc. I also cannot bear to put the camera into my normal bag fearing that my other items might scratch it. HOW?

I tried to look out for camera bags when i shop outside but none of the bags out there really caught my eye, this is when i thought, why not bring it up another level and try my luck online on Qoo10, which is formerly known as Gmarket!

Not knowing what to search for, i simply typed - "DSLR bag" and got 579 results!

Out of the 579 results, i get to even filter it down by the price range that i'm looking at, set conditions like Free shipping, or by the best selling products etc. After scrolling through the list of items, this bag caught my attention!

Don't you think this camera bag looks pretty decent? There's even compartments in it!

When i first saw it, i knew this is exactly the kind of camera bags i was looking for! Old school leather design that matches my style of clothing, it looks not too bulky and there are compartments to store not only my camera, but also my other items! But the thing is, how's the quality of the bag? Will the delivery take long? Is it worth the money?

From my past experience on Qoo10, we should always scroll down to read the reviews by previous buyers!

Premium reviews with photos are the best because the buyers will normally take a photo of the item when they receive it and post comments on it regarding the item as well as the delivery time. This way, we can have an idea of how the item is really like. In this case, it seem like delivery will take around a week or so and the bag is of quite good quality!

Always try to use coupons for savings!

With Q-stamps that you earn from buying items and writing reviews, you can exchange them for coupons!

I realised i have not mentioned the price of the bag yet! The original price of the bag is $49.90 but is currently on promotion at $37.90 (excluding shipping fee) now! So what coupons can/should i get? From the above image, i should try and get the '$3 coupon for over S$30 purchase' and the 'S$2.50 delivery discount' to save on shipping fee! :D

I can either try my luck and draw the coupon using a few Q-stamps and pray that i will get it OR play safe and use more Q-stamps to exchange for the coupon. This time, i tried my luck and (thankfully!) managed to draw the $3 coupon but decided to exchange 15 Q-stamps for the delivery coupon instead. 18 Q-stamps. My savings? $3 + $2.50 = $5.50!

I saved $5.50 by using the coupons!

Here's a breakdown: The bag cost $37.90 + additional $2 (because i chose the Dark Brown colour) + $5 shipping fee = $44.90. But because of the 2 coupons that i used, $44.90 - $3 (coupon) - $2.50 (delivery coupon)...

I just have to pay $39.40 in total!
(which i did...)

I ordered on the 25th and about a week later, i got an sms - "Hi, i'm from Gmarket delivery, sending your item today. Is there anyone home from 12 to 1.30pm?" I had no idea who it was but i replied YES! with the exclamation mark, LOL

I waited patiently and at around 1pm, the door bell ranged and i ran to the door! IT'S FINALLY HERE!!!


Now instead of bringing out the "professional" camera bag that is given to me when i bought my camera (which can only contain the camera and nothing else) I can now bring out this vintage looking sling bag that can contain so much more!

Love my new camera bag. If you are interested in the bag too, i guess you can checkout this LINK!

I'm still waiting for my other items (there's a few apparels, more gadgets, and can you believe i ordered food items too?!) to arrive before i blogged about them! There's still so much more! Hope you like the 2 tips that i shared in this post. In the meantime, do continue to vote for me for "Gmarket Best Online Shopping Blog" by clicking the image:

Thanks! Love you all deep deep