Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ice Skating at JCube!

Quite obvious by the title above, this post is about ice skating at the newly opened JCube! Okay, by the time you read this post, it's not so 'newly opened' afterall. Nevertheless, i was super excited when i heard there's gonna be a new ice skating rink in Singapore, bigger somemore! I remember the last time traveling all the way from Pasir Ris to Jurong Entertainment Centre (which is where JCube is now) just for ice skating. I did went to the one at Kallang leisure park but it's kinda small and always packed with people, especially over the weekends. Why no ice skating at Ehub! LOLOL

Here's how JCube looks like from the outside! Nearest MRT: Jurong East Station.

Before going into JCube, i was kinda expecting to see the ice skating rink once i enter the mall because it's an Olympic sized skating rink and it's also one of the main attraction of the mall, if they don't put it on the first floor for everyone to see, where would they put it right? That's when i realised i was wrong, the rink was located on the 3rd floor -___-

Because we went on a weekend, it was quite crowded!!!

Random photo: Joyce, Weijie and Ying zi!

Took a photo of the pricing. Depends on what you need, you pay different price range.

Gloves are not compulsory unlike at Kallang so we decided to get it so all of us went for the Combo E which is just the admission and skates at $15.50! The good thing about the system is that they sell the admission tickets in blocks of 2 hours so they can control the crowd. I have no idea what's their maximum cap but, i guess you can see the photos :|

Queuing up for Skates rental! They are usually only busy at the start of the 2 hour block.

New kind of skates. No longer the tying-shoe-lace-to-tighten-kind.

Group photo before we enter the rink! Not advisable to bring the camera into the rink.

Even though i say ice skating is one of my favourite hobby (i even include it as a sport in my FB profile, lol!) But the thing is, i'm not very pro at skating. It's not like i often go ice skating also, maybe once every 4 months? Most of us will hold on to the sides (as shown in the photo above, haha) for the first 20 mins then slowly let go and try to skate on our own! I don't know why but my skates was giving me problems, my leg was aching throughout the whole 2 hours lor :(

Nevertheless, i tried my best to skate throughout the whole 2 hours so as not to waste money and time! I love the feeling of ice skating because of the cold wind blowing across my face! The feeling damn shiok, everyone should try! LOL

Ended the 2 hour session and went up to the 4th floor to take this photo!


Went to one of the Japanese restaurant for late lunch because everyone is so hungry after skating!

Apparently i shared this "Do not be anti social during meals" game on my facebook the day before and we decided to try it out during our meal! Just about 5 mins before we surrender our phones, most of us was busy tweeting and sending our last sms/whatsapp, damn funny! We then stacked up our phones in the middle of the table. The rule is, no one is to touch our phones throughout the whole meal time even if there's notification or phone calls. Anyone who touches his/ her phone will have to pay for the whole meal! Can you imagine the bill that day, i think it's about $120+! Oh my tian.

The above is one of the few photos i took using my camera, NOT MY PHONE!

About 20 mins later.

Can you believe my phone was the only one that was ringing every now and then throughout the meal. The rest only had maybe one or two notifications, but mine just kept ringing because of whatsapp. SO TEMPTED to just take my phone and read it but NO, i did not. The damn funny thing is we try to sabo each other to take their phone, LOL