Sunday, June 3, 2012

Introducing #Qoo10 and what did i buy?

I guess you should know by now that i'm one of the finalist of the "Gmarket Best online shopping blog" for this year's Singapore blog awards right? (Have you been voting for me?) As one of the finalist, i'm given $100 credits to buy things from Q0010 and share it on my blog with you guys! Wait, did you know Gmarket is now officially known as Qoo10? :D
Fret not, It's still the same great company that most of us do our online shopping on! By the way, Qoo10 is pronounced as the alphabet "Q" followed by "10". Qoo10, get it? Get used to it because very soon, everyone will be referring Gmarket as Qoo10! In our mind, Most of the us might ask, "What does Qoo10 really means?" Here's the answer:

NOW YOU GET IT! Everything has a meaning behind it, LOL

Before i go on talking about the very first item i bought, let me share one of my experience. It was during my poly time whereby everyone was talking about their buys on Gmarket (which is Qoo10 now) so i decided to take a look at the website. I typed on the address on my browser and the website popped out with all the flash moving pictures and i IMMEDIATELY clicked the close button (LOL!) Mainly because i cannot take it that everything is flashing in my eyes.

I bet most of you felt the same too! But soon, i got used to it and begin getting stuff like my instax films, apparels, accessories every now and then from Qoo10. It was until the Qoo10 briefing with the other finalist last week when i was told by the spokesperson, we can actually stop all the flashing images! I couldn't believe my ears when i heard that. LOL


Bet most of you didn't know that! Throughout my next few posts on Qoo10, other than sharing what's the items i bought with my $100 (To be honest, i spent more than that :|) I will also be sharing tips on purchasing from Qoo10, the mobile app (YES, there's a mobile app for on the go shopping!) and more! So stay tuned for the upcoming posts! :D


I already have the cute little iPod Nano 6 which Clarence and Kelvin got for me for my 21st birthday and after i saw the photo above online, i was like, "I MUST GET ONE OF THESE WATCH STRAP!" Don't you think it's quite cool to have an iPod Nano as a watch? Touchscreen, music, clock, radio all on your wrist! But honestly speaking, it's quite expensive.

So i tried my luck on Qoo10 (apparently they seem to have almost everything, LOL) and guess what? THEY HAVE IT AT A MUCH CHEAPER PRICE! I have no idea whether i'm just lucky or what, the item WAS ON TIME SALE that day!

As you can see from the image above. Time Sale was from 12 midnight to 3AM only! If i get it during that 3 hour slot, the watch strap will only cost me $15.90! That's 76% off the actual price! So i stayed up and waited for 12am. LOL

Apparently they are selling the item at $21 originally which is considered quite cheap but thanks to the time sale, i saved $5.10! From that day onwards, i kept checking the time sale section to see if there's anything worth buying.

I don't even have to pay for the shipping because it's FREE!

Fast forward to about a week later...

My watch strap arrived at my mailbox! I was super excited to fix my iPod nano on it!

The packaging is exactly the same as the one i saw that's sold outside. Everything seem to be in perfect condition.

Followed the instructions in the manual to unfix the strap so that i can slow my Nano in :D

Here we go! All that's left to do is to slot the nano in and fasten the screws!

Checkout the different time interface i get to set according to my mood! Super


Overall i felt that the $15.90 spent was super worth it. For those who are looking for a watch strap like mine for your iPod nano, you can checkout the store by clicking this LINK. There are several colours to choose from! Thanks to Qoo10, i saved quite a fair bit of money by getting it online instead of getting it in stores! 3 cheers for Qoo10! (:

Do vote for me for Gmarket Best Online Shopping Blog by clicking on the image below:

By the way, while i was browsing Q0010, i saw these cute socks from Korea and i decided to order 3 of them to give away to thank you guys for reading my blog and for voting for me! The designs are Taeyang, TOP and GD from BIG BANG! I think the cartoons are super cute! They might not cost alot but it's just a token of appreciation for you guys

Have not decide how to give these out but look out for my giveaway in my upcoming Qoo10 posts!

P.s: It's the 'Kiasu Sunday' event today! You might want to checkout Qoo10 for good deals today!
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