Thursday, June 28, 2012

Malaysian Food Street in Singapore!

Remember i did a 'teaser' post on the photo above about a few weeks back? I finally managed to find the time to edit the photos i took! Some of you did managed to tell me the answer but i bet most of you still have no idea where the above photo was taken! It was just a random day where i decided to go over to Sentosa for fun and just beside USS...

It's this place called the "Malaysian Food Street"!

Honestly, i didn't expect much from this 'street' but i'm so glad i brought my camera that day!

Once you step into the 'street', there's a sign showing you the different streets of Malaysia!

I totally love how they designed the place to be so vintage-y! To the exact detail, the shop houses, the road, the tables and chairs they used, and even the lamp post! Not only that, since this place is called the "Malaysian Food Street", of course there must be food that are famous in Malaysia! What is the first thing that came up to your mind?

Did you managed to spot your favourite Malaysian dish in the collage above?

The above are just some of the stores along the street! I totally miss the Chicken Rice Ball i had in Malacca! Was feeling kinda full that day so i did not try any of the food but i would definitely head back to try the food soon! I wonder if the dishes taste authentic. Anyway, be prepared to pay a little more than your usual Laksa or chicken rice because afterall, this place is located at RWS Sentosa and there are lots of tourist! Well, for the 'experience', i guess it's quite worth it (: