Sunday, July 15, 2012

Harry Potter Exhibition at Art Science Museum!

The exhibition has been in Singapore since 2nd June and will be here till 30th September and i finally found time to visit it yesterday! Honestly even if i had the time to visit when it first opened, i wouldn't want to go because all the crazy harry potter fans would be hogging the queue so i think best is to go at the later part of the period. So for the very first time yesterday, i stepped into the Art Science Museum. Always wondered how the inside look like when i past it everytime :D
By the way, sorry to disappoint you if you are looking forward to see photos of the exhibition because no photography was allowed inside. I thought of maybe secretly take some photos to blog but in the end decided not to. Integrity, LOL

Totally did not expect the crowd even though i went on a Saturday. Queued for about 15 mins though. A piece of advice, it would be much faster if you booked the tickets online because there's a lane for online reservation :)

Harry Potter Exhibition ticket at 20 bucks for Singaporeans! Remember to bring your id!

#Instagram of the day! The one on the right is the Ford Anglia seen in the 2nd HP movie!

Just before you enter the exhibition, you will be greeted with all the HP movie posters! It will make you feel like you grew up with the movie. I remembered i watched the very first HP movie at East Point (the cinema is no longer there) with my cousin in the year 2001! That's 11 years ago, OMG. After which we were led to the "sorting hat" ceremony where a few lucky visitors get to try on the sorting hat! They will normally choose the children, adults all got no chance one, LOL

The rest of the journey was magical. You get to see the different props and apparels that the characters wore in the movie. The different wands each characters uses, the books, the Quidditch robes, Golden Snitch, broom sticks such as the Nimbus 2000 and more! Life size characters from the Forbidden Forrest such as the Centaurs, buckbeak etc. The exhibition was quite short though, took about 30 mins or less to walk through everything. I honestly wish it was longer!

Last part was the merchandise store where they sell different kinds of HP stuffs. EVERYTHING was seriously overpriced. A chocolate frog cost $6 (i used to collect them, only $2 from popular), the "Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans" cost $6 for a small pack (you can get them from Candy Empire i guess) Maps at $60. A whole set of 5 wands at $350. They also have scarfs and more! I overheard someone say, "The price is ridiculous!" Well, unless you are a die hard Harry Potter fan, and is willing to spend that kind of money, go ahead. But i would love to own a Griffindor scarf though (:

Repeat after me, "Wingardium Leviosa