Sunday, July 22, 2012

Singapore Blog Awards 2012! #SBA2012

Totally didn't expect myself to be blogging about this event which just happened yesterday! If you have been following my blog for quite awhile, you will know that my shameful 'trend' for blogging about an event would be after 2 weeks or more! But since yesterday was a happy day (although sadly i didn't win in my category!) and the photos which i took with my Lumix G2 turned out quite nice and chio, i was quite motivated to edit them and show it to you guys! I must be one of the first few hardworking bloggers who blogged about the Singapore Blog Awards 2012! MUAHAHA *flicks hair*

This year's award was held at the Singapore Flyer and it was outdoor. Imagine the heat, oh my tian.

During registration, when asked which category(s) was i shortlisted for, i proudly said out the 2 categories! Hey, not everyone was so lucky to be shortlisted in 2 out of the 13 awards okay! Aiya so what, but still never win. LOL

Super bloggers! This year's theme was Superhero so we are encouraged to dress up in costumes but i decided to turn up in a simple Superman tee! Love the backdrop and the props which made the photos so much more interesting!

Kudos to those who bothered to dress up in this super hot weather!

During registration, everyone was given this little booklet which shows the finalists in each category. Spotted myself 2 times! I would say the booklet was really well designed according to superhero comic theme! Collector' item, LOL

Strange characters was also lurking around. Wait, i thought Halloween is in October?

Camwhore with Fenny and Angie!

Before any award was presented, we all had to watch this video of the nominees. It's like 红星大奖, then they go "Ru wei de you~" When it comes to my turn, it was like - "ANdyStorm, You think i care what you say" LIKE A PAI SEH. Anyway, the very first award presented was the Gmarket Best online shopping blog. Honestly, i tell you. Behind that smile, I WAS SO NERVOUS. Now i know how the 'top 10 artiste' in 红星大奖 feels when they are below the stage, LOL

As much as i hoped to win, i was narrowing down the winner to be either Darren or Irene because they really did a good job on their Qoo10 posts. My heart was beating super fast and they announced, the winner was Kevin! CONGRATS. When the time to announce the Best individual Blog winner, i think Angie or Fenny turned back to me and say good luck, i was like, "LOL, i don't expect to win." Because i did not even do much like rally for votes or such. HAHAHAHHAHA

But still, although i did not win, a very big thank you for those who supported and voted for me, leaving comments, trusting my reviews etc throughout this Qoo10 campaign! I feel especially happy when people tell me that bought xxx items after reading my posts and thank me because they love it. All these little things makes me feel that it's worth it

I wished i won, you tell me how to checkout my Qoo10 cart now?! Just joking, haha!


Click on the image above to be directed to the official SBA website to see the winners!

Lastly was the Best Dressed Award! Once again, Kudos to everyone who bothered to dress up! Is that Loki?

After the awards, we were treated to a wide spread of local delights! SBA 2012 was held at the Singapore Flyer food trail which offers a vintage settings and offers lots of local food. We had Satay, Rojak, Roasted Chicken, Carrot cake, Hokkien mee, Satay beehoon and many more! What we did was to take a plate of each item for everyone to share!

Look at the amount of food we took! Had a really good meal as we were super hungry!

MORE PHOTOS BEFORE WE LEAVE! Love the vibrant colours

Everyone was entitled to a goodie bag too! Thanks OMY and the sponsors! (Photo credit: OMY)

Not only that, every single one of us was entitled a free ride on the Singapore Flyer!

Since we were full and lazy after all the food, hot and perspiring from the super hot weather, it would be really nice to take a rest and go on board the Singapore Flyer, at the same time enjoy the amazing view from up high!

Taking a photo of a capsule from a capsule. #capsule-ception, LOL

Being bloggers, we spend almost half the time taking photos on board the flyer! LOL

9 of us got the whole capsule to ourselves! Time seem to past really fast when you are having fun though :(

At night, we all went over to Marina Bay Sands to watch the fireworks from the NDP rehearsal!


One last group photo to end this post! SINGAPORE BLOG AWARDS, SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!