Monday, July 2, 2012

My first time to Jaybee!

Time to time my friends have been posting on Facebook that they went over to JB to shop shop, or to have cheap and awesome seafood, how great that place is (after all the currency conversion rate is about SGD1: RM2.45!) But can you believe i've never been to JB before until recently! Just before Meldric enlist for his NS, the *cousins decided to meet up, this time out of the country! Technically our first overseas trip, even though it's just across the sea for a day. LOL

Met up early in the morning at Kranji MRT to take the bus over to the customs. The queue was SUPER long, especially on a Saturday. Last minute change about SGD70 to Ringgit at the station. I realised it's MORE THAN ENOUGH to spend.

This photo not taken with my G2 but with my compact Canon camera! I told myself i'm not going to bring my G2 and attract attention at JB, just in case i get robbed so i brought a compact camera. This camho shot was surprising good!

Look at the horrifying crowd! The journey over to JB was not a breeze at all. From Kranji to SG customs, then to M'sia custom - on public transport. So we had to queue like everyone else and squeeze onto the sardine packed bus. Phew.

Lucky us was one of the first few to get up the bus and we managed to occupy the back of the bus!

Everyone excited and ready for this trip!

Saw so many bikes everywhere in JB. First thing first when we reached, we went straight for our lunch because most of us was feeling hungry. Weijie and Mel decided to bring us to this 'roasted house'' for lunch! Walked quite a distance...


I was looking at the menu and i thought to myself - "The figures on the menu are about the same as SG, just that it's in Ringgit!" JUST ORDER ONLY! In the end we decided to order a few of everything and share among the 9 of us (:

Ordered half roasted chicken, half roasted duck, 2 plates of mixed Char siew, pork and a plate of veggies!

What a spread! Everyone can't wait to tuck in but must wait for me to take photos first, LOL

This photo gives me a warm feeling. Like good friends gathered for a good meal after a long time!

After our meal, instead of shopping at Citysquare mall, we decided to go over to another shopping mall - KSL city mall! In order to get there, we have to take public bus. When we heard that we need coins to pay for the bus fare, everyone frantically tried to gather their coins. We ended up at 7 eleven to randomly buy some food/drinks to break our notes! :D

Camwhoring through the bus journey which lasted about 15 mins.

Since we were quite early, we decided to catch a movie there! We ended up buying tickets to watch Piranha 3DD which was quite a stupid show (partly censored in m'sia i think) and thank god it only cost RM11 for the tickets, which is about... $4.50? It's so not worth it if we watch this movie in SG! Plus the condition of the cinema is not very nice also.

Before the movie, everyone split up because we were looking at different things in the mall so Joyce and i went to wander around to shop. Half the time we were eating, from bean curd to bubble tea and finally crepes just 10 mins before the movie, LOL Most of my money was spent on food. The only i got was... a iPod button sticker at RM2 -_-

Just before entering the cinema, we bought and smuggled food in! Typical Singaporeans, LOL

Headed back to Citysquare mall and decided to take a rest at the bench resulting in this "class photo"!

It was about evening when we decided to have our dinner! Don't ask me where because i have no idea where we had our dinner also, we just followed Mel and Weijie and ended up at this alley where they sells all kinds of food. Not bad!

Everyone forked out RM20 and we went to get all sorts of food! Ordered BBQ stingray, Fried Clams, Sambal kangkong, Chicken porridge, BBQ chicken wings, Hokkien mee, Scallop omelette and more! It was quite a spread i would say!

We ended finishing everything. It was quite an experience eating at some random alley in another country and that place was super hot (i swear everyone was perspiring while eating!) but we did enjoyed ourselves! After which, we then headed back to air conditioned citysquare mall for some ice cream and yogurt to cool ourselves down before going back to Singapore! By the time we settled the both customs, it was already about 9 plus! What a day with the *cousins!

I wish we could go further one day! Like BKK where we can all go crazy! LOL