Thursday, July 5, 2012

#Qoo10 Daily deal: I went karaoke at $10 for 2 hours!

Remember the previous post on the apparels and accessories? Well, the graphic tee that i ordered finally arrived after one whole month! Not gonna post the link here because i feel that the shipping is too long and the tracking no. that they gave for their reg mail doesn't seem to be valid despite verifying with them. Nevertheless, here's a pic of the tee!

The quality of the tee is not bad but the width is a bit too wide. Not very proportionate but looks okay though (:


That day i was randomly through the 'Daily deal' section of Qoo10 and i saw this Party World deal at just $10 per pax for 2 hours of singing with a drink and tidbits included! I thought it was a rather good deal. Have you ever had free time but you just have no idea what to do? Going for a few hours of singing session with your friends seem like a great idea!

Even if i had no idea when i will be going, at least i can get the voucher first since it's valid till 31 July!

Anyway, after i saw the deal i called Hui xin and told her about the deal and if she is interested to go singing with me PLUS Party world just opened a new outlet at Ehub which is super near where we stay, within walking distance! So it's like anytime we got nothing to do, we can call the outlet to make and reservation and drop by for 2 hours just to sing!


We were in the singing mood so i made a call to the Partyworld, downtown east outlet to make a reservation. At the same time, printed out the hard copy of the e voucher that i downloaded from Qoo10 which was sent to me after purchasing!

This was the first thing that greeted us when i entered the room! Hui xin and i was literally surprised and shocked! This is the first time we stepped into a karaoke room and it has a massage chair in it! Is Partyworld the only place with it?

The deal came with a drink and tidbits for us to munch on! I ordered iced milo

AYG stand for Act yi ge if are thinking what it means, LOL

One of the many songs that we sang throughout the 2 hours session! 那些年,我们一起追的女孩

Made full use of the massage chair! Oh, did i mentioned that's also a foot massager at the corner?

A self timer shot before we leave the place after 2 hours! Overall, i felt the 10 bucks was worth it!

Nowadays i keep looking out at the "Daily deals" section of Qoo10 to see if there's any bargains i can get! By the way, if you are interested in this Party World $10 for 2 hours deal that i mentioned in this post, here's the direct LINK (Apparently this deal is quite popular! So far as of the website, 1520 vouchers are sold already!)

Another voucher that i got from 'Daily Deals' was this $13.90 per pax for BBQ Steamboat Buffet at Changi!

From the description, this BBQ Steamboat buffet seem really good and worth it since there's so many food item to choose from. Haven't find the time to go down and try it yet but i got the voucher anyway since it's valid till August!

Just like how i redeemed my Party world deal, i just have to print out the e-vouchers and present it!

I haven't try the buffet yet so i cannot comment on it (we see how, maybe i will do a post on my visit next time) but if you are interested in this $13.90 deal, here's the direct LINK to it! So far 110 vouchers sold already! There are other food deals at the 'Daily deal' and 'Dining/ Cafe' section as well. There's sushi buffet, charcoal grill steamboat and more!

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