Thursday, September 13, 2012

Gardens By The Bay - OCBC Skyway!

This post is actually a Part 2 of the "Gardens by the Bay" post, if you haven't read Part 1, you can click HERE and you will read why i would visit this place 2 times in just one month. To make it short, i had leftover tickets from the previous visit as the queue for the OCBC Sky walk was too long. So this time, decided to have a different feel by going for the walk in the evening instead, enjoy the night scenery and hang around to watch the Supertrees light show at 7.45pm.

At evening time, the Supertrees will be dimly lit up as shown in the above photo!

As expected, there's a queue to go up the Sky way but this time it's a lot faster compared to the previous time i came! The previous time we gave up after queuing for about 20 mins but this time (20 mins), we are right in front of the lift!

The view from around 5 storey high (i think!) The timing that we went was just right as we get to see the sunset!

The 128 meters long walk that is suspended between the Super trees.

Hello from the Sky way! When you queued up so long just to go up, you would at least want to spend the same amount of time (or more!) on the Sky way to make the ticket price and the wait more worth it, LOL - which explains why there's a long queue downstairs since everyone will have the same mentality. Cause and effect, right? LOL

Act yi ge professional photographer and compose MBS and the Super tree in single frame, LOL

See all those people surrounding the tree? That's the queue. Each lift takes about 8 people up at one time, each trip up and down may take about 3 mins. Do the math yourself. Plus there's a limited capacity of people that can go up.

Super love this photo! So proud of my G2 camera, LOL

The night falls and everything starts to lit up. It gives you an avatar-ish feel actually.

The night view is definitely better than the day view. No regrets coming down in the evening

The light show begins at 7.45pm and it was quite enchanting with the music and lights.

Shall end this post with a pretty photo of the Super Trees light! ♥♥ 很美!