Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Poulet - Amazing French Roast Chicken

I was reading Calvin's food blog the other day and he introduced this new French restaurant called the Poulet which is located at the new Bugis+. What really caught my attention was the Tiramisu dessert that was presented in a glass bottle. If you know me well enough, you would know that i've always been a huge fan of tiramisu and i'm still in search for the best in Singapore! So i decided to make a trip down to Poulet for lunch and of course, to try their tiramisu!

The restaurant was well designed with the ideas associated with the Eiffel tower. What really caught my attention was the phase "Amazing French Roast Chicken". With statement like this, i'm having really high expectations of their Roast Chicken. I expect to be amazed seriously, like literally feel like it's the best i've ever tasted in my 22 years. LOL

Smart use of integrating the menu and Eiffel tower. I'm impressed! Who would have thought of this?

Started of with the Mushroom Soup ($5.80) It's one of the better and more atas version of mushroom soup that i've tried. You can feel the chunks of mushroom with every scoop, however as much as i enjoyed it, i started to feel that it's too thick for my liking after consuming about half of it. Did not finish the whole bowl in the end. Oh wells.

The highlight of the restaurant - Poulet Roti at $15.80 for half and $28.80 for a whole chicken. Ordered a whole to share as it's definitely more worth it than ordering 2 halves (who would do that seriously...) I wouldn't say it's amazing enough but it was well done. The meat was juicy and i got it of the bones easily. Although it came with some sauce at the bottom, i prefer having it without it. Not amazing but still delicious. But almost 30 bucks for a whole? Hmm...

Order a side - French Fries which came in a tin pot. Rather cute way of presentation. Taste just like any fries out there but i think that day too much salt was mixed into it. Couldn't down all the fries due to its saltiness :(

The main reason why i came here - The Tiramisu ($7.80)

Honestly, i have no idea what's the size of it and when it first came, i was quite surprised the portion was rather huge! In fact, it can be shared among 2 person. I was not disappointed with the standard of the tiramisu, totally enjoyed it.

"I think i might just drop by Poulet once in awhile when i feel like having dessert."

That's all i have to share about Poulet! I'm no food blogger nor some food expert but just sharing my thought on the food. Will i dine at Poulet again? Well, for the tiramisu and to try out the other desserts, i might.