Sunday, September 23, 2012

Rendezvous Gallery: Full House Cafe!

If you walked from Plaza Sing or The Cathay towards City hall area, you will definitely passed by Rendezvous Hotel, and subsequently see this colourful Mini Cooper parked at a "Porch" along Bras Basah area! Have you ever thought what is it about? Well, i went to do a bit of a research online and realised it's a theme restaurant called "Full House"!
Here's a photo of the colourful Vintage Aston Martin Mini Cooper that is too hard to miss!

After reading about the restaurant from a few online blogs, i told myself i must go checkout this place myself! So yesterday, i decided to drop by for a drink or small bites during tea time. I thought the above was the main entrance but i was wrong! Apparently, Level 1 is the Full house Bar and the actual restaurant is located on the 2nd level.

A photo with Mummy Tracy and Children Tony! The restaurant is designed with a theme such that it's divided into different segments of a house such as living room, dining area, bedroom etc and in the house are the full house family, namely Daddy Thomas, Mummy Tracy, Children Tiffani and Tony and their pet dog toy as hosts. Quite a cute concept.

I would suggest making a reservation if you are heading down during the weekend. My friend who went during lunch hour had to be on the waiting list, and when i went at about 4.30pm, i was told the restaurant is fully reserved + they are having private event till the night. But thankfully, they managed to get us a table that was reserved for 6.30pm.

The menu was creatively designed and at the back, there's comic for us to read while waiting for our food!

Camwhore while waiting for my drink and snack! At the background is Tiffani's bedroom! LOL

I took the opportunity to walk around the restaurant while the food and drinks are being prepared. You can see that Full house is a Victorian inspired house with furniture in shades of cream and white. Very well designed i would say.

Now here's Tiffani's delightful bedroom whereby you can find her bed (not in the above picture) and you can find fashion pieces, bags, accessories and such which you can purchase. Basically it's a fashion store in the restaurant, LOL

Ordered the "Mango + Grape Topped with Green Apple Jelly" special iced blended ($6.90) and also the "Iced Korea Lemon Citron Tea" ($4.90) The taste is quite unique but perhaps to some people, the price might be consider quite expensive.

"Full house Club Sandwich" ($13.90) Wasn't hungry but wanted something to bite so i ordered the Club Sandwich. You can expect Chicken, turkey ham, egg mayo, cheese, lettuce, tomato and cucumber in the toast. It's served with fries and garden veggies too. All presented nicely. Great snack if you are looking for something that's not too heavy for bite.

Super love this photo if not for that woman behind me adjusting her dress. Wah laooooo -__-

Camwhore shot again, this time with my drink and the sandwich!

A 4 photo collage of the restaurant. You can expect to see these cute little plants everywhere which brightens up the whole place with natural lighting from the outside. Really like as if in a house, this place is so prettyyy.

This is the "balcony" which most people will come over and take a photo or two with the sheeps. LOL

Here's an overview of the restaurant that i got from their website -

For private functions, there's the "Entertainment Room" catered for a capacity of 70, set up by Daddy Thomas, which was being utilized for an event yesterday! I heard they do private movie screening and mini concerts too!

I guess when the restaurant is full, they can utilized the "Outdoor Garden" for customers to dine at too (:

Took this photo which i thought got a lot of "feel" But don't know how to describe the feel, LOL

Overall, it was a nice experience at Full house, with all the staffs being super friendly and nice. The concept of a house was also refreshing, i think it's the first in Singapore. A good place for a gathering with friends, and you guys can take lots of photos around the restaurants during non peak period. I think i will drop by again to try their main courses (: