Monday, December 24, 2012

香港-澳門-深圳 Hong Kong '2012

Never thought i will return to Hong Kong in a year. After all i went to Hong Kong twice last year, once in Feb, another in October and i practically covered every single tourist attraction in that 2 trips. The only reason why i would visit Hong Kong again, is perhaps because of their Char Siew Rice, LOL Thought my Taiwan trip would be my last overseas trip for 2012 but guess i was wrong. Made an impromptu decision to visit Hong Kong in Dec. Spent 6 whole days in Hong Kong.
A collage of the photos i instagram-ed throughout my 6 days in Hong Kong.

Went to Hong Kong with Matthew, and had 2 requests. One would be to visit Macau (always wanted to visit the Ruins of St Paul's) and Two, would be to visit the "Window of the World" in Shenzhen, China (which explains the Eiffel tower in the collage) in the 6 days that we were at Hong Kong. Find no point in blogging another 6 days travelogue since i pretty much covered everything about Hong Kong in my previous 2 Hong Kong travelogues, so i guess i will be doing a post on Macau and Shenzhen each, and maybe just 1 consolidated post on Hong Kong! Back to Singapore, Back to reality.