Friday, December 28, 2012

Where to shop online?

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When i mentioned the word - "Gmarket", 9 out 10 of you guys reading this would immediately know what it's about! Well, the Gmarket we once know of is now known as Qoo10. This is definitely not the first time i blogged about Qoo10 but this time, i'm sharing with you guys what i bought with a budget of just 100 bucks! If you take $100 to town, perhaps what you can get is maybe a pair of shoes? (might not even be enough!) or maybe 2 to 3 tees? or just a pair of jeans? 

You'll be surprised with what i got for $100 on Qoo10!

Before i even made a purchase of any item, i bought a PREMIUM coupon book at just $10!
In your head, you might think that i have just wasted 10 bucks but you are so wrong. You will come to realised that with this coupon book, the amount that you saved would definitely be more than $10! This GOLD membership coupon book is worth S$100 and from the image above, you can actually have an idea of how much you could have saved!

Just take a look at the last coupon - "$3 cart coupon with min. $15 purchase". After using the coupon, your item will then cost only $12! And since there is 4 coupons available, you would have saved $3 x 4 = $12, which is more than what you initially paid for the coupon book already. Well, the rest of the coupons can be considered bonus right? (:

Click here to checkout the PRIME CLUB CLUB COUPON!

1. Travel Foldable Hanger ($4.60 for 2 including Shipping)
You know sometimes you go overseas for a holiday or on a staycation and you wish the hotel provides more hangers so you can hang your clothes? How many of us actually bring hangers overseas? -__- Well, here's the solution! I was quite amazed by how portable this hanger is that i bought 2 of it for my Taiwan and Hong Kong trip! I'm so glad i bought it! It doesn't cost much, just $1.80 each and it's so useful. I would highly recommend this to those who travel a lot (:

Click here to be directed to the store!

2. Polaroid/ Instax Frame Stickers! ($5.80 for 60 pcs with delivery) 
Plain white instax films are the cheapest among all the designs and sometimes don't you think that it's just too plain? Then again, those coloured ones or the designed ones are too expensive and not really worth it. So when i saw this, i immediately know that i have to get it! All you have to do is peel the sticker and stick it over your plain instax and voila! You get a nice looking instax photo with a nice frame! I got 60 pieces (there's too many designs, seriously spoilt for choice!) at just $5.80 including delivery, which means it's less than 10 cents each! That's REALLY cheap isn't it?!

Click here to be directed to the store!

3. Crumpler GIMP laptop case ($20 including normal mail)

Always wanted a laptop case for my net book so that i can bring it around and recently i was looking around Qoo10 and saw this Crumpler GIMP case on sale, i immediately purchased it! So happy that i got it within a week! I was actually quite skeptical about the quality and such because it seem too good to be true at just $21 but i'm so glad it's of good quality and fits my 13" Acer netbook perfectly! There's also 15"and 17" of different colours available if i'm not wrong (:

Click here to be directed to the store!

4. Black TOMS shoes with stripes ($21 including shipping) 

If you have been following my twitter or instagram, you would have know that this is my 4th pair of TOMS shoes! It's really comfy, easy to wear (after all it's just slip on) and they match with most of my outfits! I can even wear it out with jeans! Since I have always wanted to "DIY" stud a pair of black TOMS with the studs that i bought from the flea market at *Scape, i decided to order a pair from Qoo10! The photo above is the end result of my DIY-ing! By the way, $24 is before using the "$3 with min. $15" coupon, so after discount, it's only $21, which i think is rather reasonable! 

Click here to be directed to the store!

5. Long Sleeve Design Tee shirt (2 for $28 including shipping) 
At just about $14 each, these long sleeve tees are at a steal! The material is not those thin thin type but it's of good quality and stretchable, totally did not expect that. There's lots of designs to choose and they are having a discount right now, would highly recommend to those who are looking for long sleeve tees. I think this would be perfect to wear when watching movie in cold cinemas, or if going to places like Genting or Hong Kong/ Taiwan during cold seasons, LOL

Click here to be directed to the store!

6. Running Man tee with Customized tag ($18 including delivery)

Ever thought of owning your very own Running Man tee with your own Korean name tag? Now you can! I think Qoo10 is the only place online where you can get it if i'm not wrong. My friends and i had our very own mini version of "Running Man" at Sentosa and because of our tees, it really caught a lot of attention from passerby because the show is so famous! You can choose the colour of your tee and allow them to translate your English to Korean for you! So cool!

Click here to be directed to the store!

Well, that's all i bought with 100 bucks! Let's now do a recap!

2 Foldable Hanger ($4.60) + 60 pcs Polaroid frame stickers ($5.80) + GIMP laptop case ($20)
+ TOMS shoes ($21) + 2 Long sleeve design tee ($28) + Running Man tee ($18) = $97.40!

*note that some of the items were previously on discount and coupons were to use to offset the prices.

I'm rather pleased at amount of items i could get with less than $100 and it's only possible on Qoo10! What are you waiting for? Time to start shopping on Qoo10 if you have not! Special thanks to Qoo10 for the credits for me to spend!