Sunday, January 27, 2013

深圳 Shenzhen: Window of the world 世界之窗!

The last 2 times i came to Hong Kong in 2011 was both a 4D3N trip and this time, last December, it was a 6D5N trip so i planned a day for Macau (Read it HERE if you haven't!) and a day for Shenzhen to visit the "Window of the World"! If you read my Taiwan travelogue, i went to this theme park called the "Window on China" or "小人国" where it's a mini land with replicas of major landmarks and attractions all around the world. I got to know from online of another such place in Shenzhen, China and there's even a 108 metres tall Eiffel tower in it so i told myself i must visit this theme park one day (since i have no idea when i will get to visit the REAL Eiffel tower) Never expect the one day to be so soon, LOL
Went over to Shenzhen from Hong Kong through the Metro. Never though that Shenzhen would be so accessible from Hong Kong. All you have to do is take the East Rail line from Hong Kong to Lo Wu and go through the border to take the Shenzhen metro service. Take note that you have go through the customs once again, after all you are "leaving" HK.

Bought the standard one way ticket to 世界之窗 Window of the world station. Their ticket is in a form of a coin so i thought i have to drop it into a slot but then Matthew told me i just have to scan it like an ez link card -_-
Exited through the Metro station and you will realised the entrance is shaped after the Louvre pyramid of France!

Upon exiting the metro station, you will be right outside the entrance of "Window of the world" and you can easily spot the 108 meters tall Eiffel which is right smack in the middle of the park! Can't wait to go in and explore the place!

Bought the entrance tickets at RMB160 which is about SGD30! Are you ready to be spammed by photos!

Throughout exploring the whole theme park, I noticed there were a few couples taking wedding photos! It's like they can save all the money traveling to different places around the world by just paying 30 bucks into Window of the world, LOL

SUPER HUGE ASS ICE SKATING RINK with only 1 girl and i think her coach. If i had all the time in the world and a bunch of friends with me, i think we would actually rent the skates and go into the rink for a few rounds! All the space! LOL
I supposed this is the ice sculptures in Harbin? We can actually rent the jackets and go in take a walk but then... we decided to give it a miss. Too much work and time needed. Plus, there's only two of us in the whole place, LOL

HELLO EIFFEL TOWER!!! Even though it's not the real thing...but still!

Just pretend it's the real thing and take photos! Oh, the tower kena blocked by me. Opps.


I seriously think they purposely place the 4 Chinese characters - 世界之窗 on this side of the Eiffel tower so that it will appear in the photos that people take with it. It's like free advertising plus to let your friends know actually it's not the real thing so they can laugh at you. So annoying. ONE DAY I WILL TAKE PHOTO WITH THE REAL THING. I WILL.

Another couple taking wedding photos, this time in front of the Arc de Triomphe! This is probably the most famous monument/landmark after the Eiffel tower and the Louvre pyramids in Paris. I think the real thing would be even better.

How can we not take photos with it! Wah, i took photos with the Arc de Triomphe lehhhh!!! LOL

The Eiffel tower and Arc de Triomphe in one shot. Just this 2 is enough to make me feel like this trip is worth it, LOL

This fountain looks kind of familiar but i can't seem to remember what it is. Like i have seen it in some movies or what, definitely not Trevi fountain in Italy. Okay, after researching online, this is the "Fontaine de l'Observatoire"in Paris!

Above we have the Colosseum in Rome, Grand Canyon in US, Arizona, the Pyramids and Great Sphinx of Giza of Egypt, the Mayan pyramids and i have no idea what's at the top right hand corner of the photo. Any one any idea?

I'm quite sure this is the Parthenon temple in Greece!I remember seeing it in the Percy Jackson movie, LOL

This is like the Alps or something like that right?I have seriously no idea.

Recognize these? Above we have the Parthenon temple, Greece once again, Niagara Falls in US, Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC, the ever famous Statue of Liberty and Cristo Redentor,  statue of Jesus of Nazareth in Rio de Janeiro!

The Niagara Falls was really huge and we definitely had to take a photo with it!Mount Rushmore in United States! The heads of the 4 US presidents!

The famous Leaning tower of Pisa!

Both the Sydney opera house and Sydney harbour bridge, Australia in one photo! (and Eiffel tower, LOL)
More landmarks and monuments! We have the famous windmills of Holland, Sydney Opera House of Australia, Taj Mahal of India, Skyline of Manhattan, New York and the little mermaid statue of Denmark at the top right hand corner!

There's also the Asia portion of the park and this post would just go on and on so i've decided to stop here! One thing that i missed out was the Merlion! I had seriously no idea where it was and it was not indicate on the map -__-

Honestly, the park is simply too huge! 3/4 into the park and we felt like giving up already. All we wanted to do was to find a place to sit down after walking for a few hours. So we decided to give some of the Asia portion a miss. Oh wells.

After leaving the park, we took the metro to another station where they were food and places to shop! (can't remember where it was and no photos because i don't dare to take out my camera!) Had Mcdonalds for lunch in the end because we couldn't decide what to eat. The place that we went to had lots of bags, shoes, apparels, electronics (iPhone case as low as SGD$3 only!) but i don't know why, the whole place gave me an uneasy feeling. Well, it's the people there.

Honestly i felt that i learnt a lot about the different places and landmarks in the world. Even though i might not have stop and read the description of the landmarks/monuments at the park itself, while doing this post, i actually went to research the names online and at the same time read about it! It's like my general knowledge level went up, LOL

Don't think i will ever go Shenzhen again though, i scared pickpockets. HAHAHHAA