Sunday, February 3, 2013

Failed attempt at Popin 'Cookin'!

Few months ago, i bought a set of these Japanese Popin' Cookin' sweets to try after coming across videos of it online and was quite curious on how it works. Actually wanted to do a blog post or maybe a video on it but couldn't really find the time to sit down and do it and by the time i wanted to do it, i realised it's way past the expiry date!!! Nvm. T_T
Bought the Sushi set because it seem like it's the most fun to prepare among all the sets. LOL

Basically preparing this thing is quite idiot proof even though all the instructions are in Japanese and if you can't be bothered to figure out the instructions, you can always youtube for the tutorial and follow the step by step (which i did!) After unbox-ing the Sushi set, the  above are the things inside. Really very easy to understand one. LOL

First step was creating the "Sushi rice" Just put enough water into the "1" compartment, pour the powder into it and mix well. You will be amazed at how the thing is form and how real it looks. By the way, these are all sweet which you can consume after playing with it! But obviously as much as i want to, i did not try it because my set is expired. Better not.

After you are done with the "rice", you divide them into 7 portions for the different types of sushi.

Next would be the ingredients - "Maguro""(tuna) and "Tamago"(egg) for the sushi. Same thing, fill up the assigned compartment with some water, add in the powder (or it is sugar?) and mix well. For these 2, mix well, balance it out nicely and leave it to set. It will slowly form into jelly-like, different from the rice previously, quite amazing.

The most AMAZING part in this sushi set was preparing the ïkura"(fish roe)! As you can see from the above photo, you prepare the mixture by mixing water and the powder. After which, use the "sucker" provided, and drop the mixture drop by drop, creating the "fish roe"! It looks EXACTLY like the real thing! The texture, shape and everything. WOAH.

Once the "Tamago" and "Maguro" are set, you can just cut them into half and place them on top of the little sushi rice that you had divided earlier on! Looks quite real and edible right! If you look closer, you can even see the prints on the ingredients like the actual sushi, it's all because of the mold! Japanese are all brilliant and geniuses. LOLOLOLOL

Ehh, that's actually all i have. If you look at the title of this post again, you will realised it's "failed attempt at Popin' Cookin" because i did not get to complete the whole set. Mainly because the set was expired and the "SEAWEED" melted in the package, cannot mold! SO WITHOUT IT, I CAN'T PREPARE THE HIGHLY ANTICIPATED IKURA SUSHI. DAMN SAD :(

Did a little taste test and it was kinda yucky. Eww :|