Friday, February 8, 2013

Hong Kong 2012 to conclude.

By now you should have read my Macau and Shenzhen post, they are all part of the 5D4N Hong Kong itinerary and if you wish to read them, the links are available on the right sidebar at the "Travelogue"portion! This post is to conclude and spam photos the whole trip with random photos taken throughout the 5 days! As much as i love Hong Kong, this is already the 3rd time i have been to Hong Kong in 2 years and i guess i wouldn't be visiting this place in the near future.

Took a morning flight on Jetstar to Hong Kong! Got relatively cheap tickets online (:

Typical shot of the cloud formation on the plane. The first time i took a plane was when i was 21 years old and it was to Korea, and that kick started my desire to travel to different places around the world (starting from Asia) and now i'm 23, i'm quite proud of the no. of places i went (which is recorded on this blog) based on my own financial capabilities (:

My travel partner for this trip, Matthew! Both of us looking at the swivel screen instead of the lens, LOL

Switched 3 different hotels for this trip but the main one would be Hop Inn. Highly recommended if you are looking for a comfy yet affordable place to stay in. Great location too. The reason we didn't stick to Hop inn throughout the trip because the rooms were high in demand, so certain days we had to move. Didn't take photos of the 2 other hotels.

One of my objective of coming to Hong Kong was to visit this store for their delicious Char siew rice!

Objective achieved! Seriously one of the best Char Siew i have ever tasted in my life. You can never find in Singapore.

Went to the space museum of Hong Kong. LOL

The famous skyline at Avenue of Stars, Hong Kong. It was really cold that night with strong winds.

The famous temple street!

This is a definitely MUST TRY when in Hong Kong. SUPER DELICIOUS.

Authentic Claypot rice for dinner in Hong Kong.

Simple breakfast at Fairwood. Cheap and delicious.

Randomly decided to visit Ocean Park. By the way, take note that the photos in this post are not in sequence according to day. I don't think we went to Ocean Park on the 2nd day, did we? Actually i can't really remember, LOLOLOLOLOL

I don't think we went on any rides. It was more on visiting the exhibition, fishes, pandas etc. LOL

One of the scariest ride i took in my life. Totally reminded me of the last HK trip with my BFFs.

Hello Panda. Don't have to go to the zoo to visit Jia Jia and Kai Kai after looking at this. LOL

Went to watch the dolphin show. I wish it was killer whales instead. HAHAHAHA

Onboard the cable car which links the 2 parts of Ocean Park together.

Cheap thrill for Matthew. Paid like $1 for a few minutes to spray water on unexpected victims on the water ride, LOL

The last time i came to Ocean Park, this portion of the park was not opened yet. It's the "Old Hong Kong" where they recreate the olden times like what we see in their Hong Kong dramas. Really vintage-y and cool. Nice place for photos!

One cannot come to Hong Kong and not try their wanton mee.

Desserts such as their Snow ice or Mango pomelo sago too. 

Same for authentic Hong Kong dim sum! I would recommend London Restaurant for dim sum (:

Met up with my cousin who is working in Hong Kong currently for dinner.

Ending this post with a instagram collage of the photos i took on my iPod touch throughout the trip! That's all i have for this conclusion post. Hope you enjoy reading the travelogue posts as much as i enjoyed recapping them on this blog! May the list of my travelogues increase and increase. Next trip, Bangkok in March 2013! Exactly in a month's time! (: