Thursday, February 21, 2013

M'sia: Let's go Legoland! Part 2

Continuation of the previous post (Read it HERE if you haven't) There are still a few more interesting rides in the theme park which i have yet to cover! I would say the rides covered in Part 2 are the more exciting ones!
One of the main highlights of Legoland - Project X Roller coaster!

It's smaller than the dragon roller coaster but it's DEFINITELY scarier. Just look at the following photo:
I literally screamed my lungs out.You can even see the veins on neck popping out, LOL

Among all the rides in the themepark, i would say this park is the scariest. Especially if you are sitting in the front seat. There is no handle for you to hold on to, and the drop part at the starting is really quite steep!!! The turning part of this ride is also very swift and it makes you feel like you are flying off the cart. Oh my tians, what a ride seriously.

In the end because there wasn't any queue, we went on the same ride for about 4 times. TROLOLOL

In the middle of the themepark is the Lego Mini land where famous landmarks around the world are replicate using lego bricks! It was quite a spectacular sight to see different places like our Singapore flyer made out of just Lego bricks.
Above we have our Fullerton hotel with the famous Merlion. Not forgetting the Singapore Flyer!
Riverside Point at Clarke Quay. Every thing is built in detail, even the little actions of the figurines. Amazing.

Photo with the Singapore Flyer!
The famous Taj Mahal in India!

Can the spot the other famous landmarks or places?

Take a look at the little little details. Simply amazing. Imagine the amount of effort needed to build all these.

Saw a basketball game stall which made us felt like we wasted all our money on the other game stalls. This one we had to pay about RM20/ball or RM50 for 3 balls (can't really remember) and if the ball goes through the hoop, you get one of those whole teddy bear handing up there. More of skill than luck compared to the others lor! Much easier!!!

The happy girlfriends with their HUGE teddy bears! See, not that difficult what.

Saved the wet ride for the last! The water flume ride!

Most of us wasn't supposed to be that wet but we started splashing each other with water along the way and in the end, we got really wet not because of the impact, but because of all the splashing! WHO STARTED IT!

Because there wasn't much queue, we went for the ride for about 3 times and by the 3rd time, we were soaking wet.

Outside the ride, there were these huge "drying" machines which you stand inside, insert about 5RM and it starts blowing hot air from all directions. So everyone squeeze into one machine and started drying ourselves, LOL

Decided to have a meal so we headed to PizzaMania which offers family combos to share!

One HUGE pizza, 4 drinks and 4 soups so we ordered 2 sets!

After the meal which was at about 4pm+, we rested awhile and went on to go on the roller coaster rides for a few more times since we had all the time! (the bus will only arrive to pick us up at 7pm) so you can imagine how many more times we took the roller coasters! I decided to fake as if i was sleeping so it would turn out funny on the photos, LOL

About 30 mins before the theme park closes, we headed to the "BIG SHOP" where they sell official Lego merchandise and souvenir but everything was so expensive. There wasn't much souvenir to get also, got nothing in the end :(

Ending this post with a photo of me with the 2 huge teddy bears!

Overall i would say it was a fun experience at Legoland (Of course, the company plays a big part too! Thanks *Cousins!) The rides were not bad, and the food inside is affordable. It was definitely worth it for the $58 paid. Remember to wear sun block because i got at least 2 shades darker that day! Would definitely come back when the rest of the park is up!

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