Saturday, March 2, 2013

RWS: Adventure Cove Waterpark!

The latest 2 attractions in Singapore would be the SEA Aquarium which houses the world's largest aquarium (which i'm going to visit probably next month!) and also the RWS Adventure Cove Water park! Admission tickets are set at SGD29 for each attraction and a few of us decided to visit the Adventure Cove Water park first at the start of the month!
You won't be able to see the park at first glance upon alighting at the Waterfront station from the Monorail (first stop), but just walk towards Universal Studios, and follow the signboards to the Water park! Not that difficult to find :D

Our admission tickets which we already booked beforehand online to avoid any queue!

Upon entering, there will be an official photographer who will help you take a photo which you can purchase when you are about to leave the park. You can also pass your own camera for them to help you take a photo too! The photo-grapher took a photo using my camera but when he was about to passed it back to me, it dropped onto the floor :(

My Canon compact (on the left) dropped onto the floor with a thud sound and it was unable to retract the lens. Oh wells, declared the cam officially dead. The camera was still quite new as i bought it for my parents to bring overseas for their holidays! Decided to purchase another one (on the right) the very same day when we returned mainland...

Brought my underwater film camera (on the left) thinking it would work since i brought it to Phuket the last time (in 2010, LOL) but it died on me too! What are the chances 2 cameras die on you on the same day, so suay. Really wanted to capture memories of that day so i called Angie (who was on the way to come join us after her work) to buy a disposable underwater camera (on the right) from Vivo! 19 bucks with 27 shots, must make full use of the 27 shots!

Lockers cost $10 for the small ones and $20 for the large ones. They are for unlimited access for the whole day. We managed to put in 6 big bags into one large locker with space to spare so i guess the price is still reasonable.
 Time to hit the waters! We went into the 'Adventure River' to warm up first before heading for Snorkeling!

Queuing up for Snorkeling at Rainbow Reef! This part of the park is my most highly anticipated 'ride' for me because i remember snorkeling at Phuket the last time and it was so amazing! Apparently at Rainbow Reef, you will be swimming among 20,000 fishes among the reef! The snorkeling experience is part of your ticket price so you can go again and again, you just have to re-queue! We went for it twice that day! Here's where the underwater camera comes into use!

Getting a brief by the staff on some safety procedures and how to breath in the water. About 10 people at one time.

Requested for them to help us take a photo before we enter the ice cold water! LOL

One of my favourite shot of the day! Finally get to experience snorkeling again after so long!

So many fishes! Can you spot the dory fish? :D

The water is quite deep but there's nothing to be afraid of because you are wearing a life jacket (meaning you will be floating all the way) and the fishes don't really come near you. Just remember to breathe through your mouth (:

 Took a photo of Joyce and Jiaqi in the waters! They can now tell everyone they snorkeled before, LOL

Another group photo after everyone exited the waters! All the happy faces! :D

Went on to try the other rides such as the "Dueling Racer" where you slide down a high slope on a mat!

There are several exciting slides and even a cool "water roller coaster" to try! We had to carry our floats and queue for about 10 to 15 mins for each slide but it was quite worth it although each slide only lasted for a few minutes, LOL!

Fenny, Angie, Don and Joyce!

Me and Jiaqi!

Manage to capture the happy moments when we exited the slide! After looking through the developed photos, i totally did not regretting spending money on the underwater camera and films, not forgetting having to bring to the store to develop them! Total was about $40 leh (on top of my $29 admission fee, LOL!) but i guess it's all worth it (:

Went on to the 'Bluwater Bay' which is a HUGE pool and at certain timing intervals, it will become a giant wave pool!

Waiting for the wave to begin! Everyone (including us) was trying to make our way to the front of the wave pool so that it will take a longer time for us to be 'pushed' back to the shore by the currents, LOL

Last but not least, we went back for another round of the Adventure River which brought us through 14 different settings like through a jungle, cave or underwater tunnel where there are fishes swimming above you! There's a part which i think you can see dolphins but it's still not ready yet. The most interesting part would be...

Through the Ray bay where we get to see different types of stingrays!

Managed to take a close up photo of the Stingray! There's so many of them, different types.

Another one! Ray bay is a park of the park where you get an up close encounter with a pool with Stingrays, learn about them and feed them. Quite cool but the experience is not included in your ticket price. Additional charges apply.

Photo with the Stingray Bay at our back! This is the part where they will be a jam along the Adventure River because everyone will stop and admire these stingrays, and causing a jam with their floats, cannot help it. LOL

That's all i have for this Adventure Cove Water park post. For SGD29, i would say it's a good experience if you are looking for a "out-of-country" feel with a bunch of friends. The snorkeling part is enough for me to justify the ticket price, LOL. I would strongly advise everyone to use sunblock because everyone of us were sun burnt. You can also consider the annual pass at $88 which i think is quite worth it if you intend to enter the park more than twice in a year.