Thursday, March 7, 2013

Feeling Stress? BREATHE in deep.


At different point of time in your life, there is certain levels of stress one will feel. Just to give some example, when studying, you will feel the stress to excel and do well in exams. At work, feeling the stress to meet deadlines, attending meetings after meetings. Sometimes you wish you have more time, or more money to buy things that you want.
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I know. The list can just go on and on.

If you are feeling stress right now, i have 5 tips for you on how to cope with it!
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In short, these tips are known as "COPES" Let's go through them briefly.
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 photo O.jpg
 photo P.jpg
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I know it might not be as easy as it seem but hey, it's definitely worth a try right? There's always this quote we hear every now and then - "when there is a will, there's a way."

Here are 2 of my personal tips:
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Honestly, I always feel that i'm very disorganized and forgetful. Sometimes i'm so busy that i might forget i have something important on that day, or miss a certain deadline. So what i eventually did was to get a pocket organiser (A small one and durable one will do so you can always bring it around with you!) and fill in any events, meetings or important dates that come across at any point of time. Update and refer to it religiously. It really helps, trust me!
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I know this might not be really practical to everyone because this requires time off and money BUT don't you sometimes feel that you deserve a break? It need not be a 8D7N to Maldives or Paris but perhaps a simple 3D2N to Phuket to enjoy the beaches will do the job. This really works for me as i work in a stressful environment and after months of hard work, it's time to reward myself with a holiday and rejuvenate to face the challenges ahead when i return.

Last but not least, i would like to introduce this website - to you guys!
 photo website.jpg is brought to you by Health Promotion Board. This website offer you tips of relieving stress, events happening, activities you can take part, useful resources such as Audible Hearts which offers a listening ear to your problems. There are several articles that you can really relate to if you are a student such as "How to study smart" etc.
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Do follow them on Twitter and Facebook to get updates and also to join their contests to win prizes!

Remember when you are feeling stressed, BREATHE.