Thursday, March 28, 2013

Under the deep blue S.E.A!

From the title above, you should be able to guess what this post is all about right? This post is about a trip to the SEA Aquarium at RWS! I think i mentioned before recently that the 2 latest attraction in Singapore would be the Adventure Cove water park (which i went last month!) and SEA Aquarium which i went few weeks ago with the *cousins! YAYY
 photo sea5.jpg
Met up with everyone at Vivo and had brunch at Coffee Bean before heading over to Sentosa!
 photo sea31.jpg
 photo sea29.jpg
#outfit of the day!
 photo sea30.jpg
The 8 of us all ready to visit the World's Largest Aquarium!
 photo sea3.jpg
Regretted not purchasing the tickets online after looking at the crowd. We were queuing halfway until a middle aged man approached us to ask if we are interested in getting tickets from him at $25 (usual price - $29) He had this whole stack of tickets with him so we were quite skeptical, thinking it might be a scam until we saw someone bought from him.

Since they managed to get in with the tickets, we decided to buy from him since it's $4 cheaper PLUS it came with a $5 resort world voucher which can be used for food or souvenirs in RWS. So technically we paid $20 for admission only! Please note that i'm NOT encouraging you guys to buy your tickets from strangers. It's at your OWN risk. The safest approach would be to queue up and buy from the counter like everyone, or purchase it online at the usual price.
 photo sea32.jpg
Our tickets!
 photo sea33.jpg
Group photo before entering the Aquarium! It's better to take photos outside first because it's quite dark inside, LOL
 photo sea27.jpg
THE ENTRANCE! Felt that i was entering underwater world, LOL
 photo sea6.jpg
Right before you enter the entrance, there's already this huge tank on the left side which houses a "sunken ship" In my mind i was like, "is this the so called largest aquarium?" because it's already quite huge. Sua ku. AHAHHAHAHA
 photo sea4.jpg
 photo sea8.jpg
Everyone busy snapping photos of the fishes.
 photo sea7.jpg
Spotted a diver untangling this super long tube, i think it's like a vacuum to clean up the tank or something...
 photo sea9.jpg
The crowd that day. Oh my tians. By the way, it really feels like underwater world.
 photo sea10.jpg
Why does it look like i'm taking photo with an almost empty tank. Where are all the fishes?!
 photo sea12.jpg
 photo sea2.jpg
Lobster and Hokkaido snow crab. First thing that came up to my mind was buffet. Hee hee
 photo sea16.jpg
Little black and white jelly fishes! So cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
 photo sea28.jpg
 photo sea17.jpg
For all you know, everyone is just looking at a very good LCD screen. AHAHHAHAHAAHA
 photo sea25.jpg
 photo sea24.jpg
 photo sea15.jpg
One of the interaction section of the place - Touching Starfishes. LOL
 photo sea14.jpg
Not really worth the squeeze if it's crowded. The staffs are really friendly though.
 photo sea13.jpg
 photo sea21.jpg
 photo sea22.jpg
 photo sea18.jpg
 photo sea19.jpg
 photo sea20.jpg
2 stingrays in one photo hor! Apparently the above stingray (the one in black) is the only giant oceanic manta ray in captivity. Apparently the dolphins are not here yet, and it was planned for whale shark to be included in the aquarium but they scrapped the idea... This might be the world's largest aquarium but it still lack the quantity and species :(

You see the one in Osaka (which used to be the 2nd largest):

Can you believe it! Oh my tians.
 photo sea23.jpg
Last portion of the Aquarium which is the Sharks!
 photo sea11.jpg
 photo sea26.jpg
Really quite a lot of sharks i would say. It's was feeding time when we were there. Quite a sight!
 photo sea1.jpg
Group photo at the end of our tour in SEA Aquarium!

For $29/person, i would say it's not really worth it. I'm not sure if they are going to fill up the tanks with more fishes and species so that it doesn't look that empty, or when they bringing in the dolphins but honestly i felt that it was a little disappointing. It's just like another underwater world, but with this HUGE tank that everyone is raving about. Oh wells.

Perhaps in the future if i happened to visit the aquarium again, it would be better?