Monday, March 18, 2013

What the Shoes.

Finally my mum exploded.

I'm joking. My mum just reminded the amount of shoes i have, which i honestly had no idea. I have my own shoe rack in the storeroom but apparently the rack is full, and the shoe boxes are starting to pile up in the storeroom randomly every where. Sometimes i even have difficulty finding the particular shoe that i wanted to wear and i have to open the boxes one by one (including my mum's shoes!) That's when i decided, I'm gonna move EVERY SINGLE PAIR into my room.

But first, i would need brand new shoe racks.
 photo ikea.jpg
The best place i could possibly think of, and one of my favourite place to shop at - IKEA.
 photo IMG_0558.jpg
Random #outfit of the day which was taken while waiting for the bus!
  photo IMG_0569.jpg
One of the MUST HAVEs when at IKEA. After all it's only $1.50 for a drink and hot dog bun!
 photo P1110473.jpg
Fast forward to the next day. Couldn't decide between 2 shoe racks that i saw so i decided to get both. I'm so glad i got both because soon i realised one would not be enough for all my shoes! Spent about an hour fixing up the racks.
 photo P1110478.jpg
Final product! The tall one on the right for the shoe boxes and the left for shoes that i always wear!

Next thing i did was to take out all the shoes that i could find.
 photo P1110482.jpg
 photo P1110483.jpg
That's about 18 pairs excluding my slippers and sandals! Now i realised i really have a lot of shoes. TOMS alone is 5 pairs already. Imagine if i only bought 1 of the shoe rack instead of both, it would definitely be not enough!
 photo P1110487.jpg
Ta-dah! I now have all my shoes in my room!

Now i'm trying to buy shoes since i already have so many pairs. Out of the 18 pairs i have, at least 5 pairs are new and a few that only wore a few times so no more buying of shoes! If i continue buying shoes, i seriously have no idea where to put them. As you can see, there's only 1 space left on the rack :| Maybe i can blog about my room revamp next!