Saturday, May 25, 2013

Brunei, Here i come!

At tomorrow around this timing, i would be on the plane to Brunei via the Royal Brunei Airlines! This trip was a rather last minute one which i managed to confirmed about less than2 weeks before as i need to apply for leave plus there was changes in the flight dates. Fortunately, everything went quite smoothly and tomorrow i will be leaving for Brunei! :D
For the past 2 weeks, I've been getting the same reaction and everyone has been asking the same question over and over again - "Har! Why of all places go Brunei? There got things to do meh?" I swear i get that at least 30 times in the past 2 weeks. I know I know, and i guess this time, i'm going there to find out the answer to everyone's question.

This time it's not gonna be those shopping trip that i always go but it would be more of a nature trip! The things that i would be packing into my luggage is totally different from what i usually pack. This time there's track shoes, more singlets (i'm even bringing my own water bottle! LOL) etc. I went through the draft itinerary and i'm really hyped up!

I can expect to visit the different places of interest in Brunei such as...
The mosque and grand palaces.

Activities includes are forest trekking...

DIVING/ SNORKELING!!! (Obviously i'm not expecting to see a seal like in the above photo, i just google image-d a photo of diving and this photo popped out, LOL) I heard Brunei is quite famous for diving, and i'm really looking forward!

Horse Riding! Something that i've never tried before!

Looking at the different activities, I can foresee the 4D3N trip to be quite tiring but guess what?
I will be staying at a different hotel each night and it includes the Best hotel in Brunei which is...

The Empire hotel and country club!

If i managed to get a 3G sim card over there, i will be constantly updating my twitter (@andystorm) and uploading photos on my instagram (IG:andystorm) as well so do follow me on these social media platforms to read updates of my Brunei trip! When i'm back, i will also be doing a travelogue on this trip, a total whole new experience in another country.

This trip is made possible by and Royal Brunei Airlines!