Thursday, May 30, 2013

BKK: Land of smiles Day 4!

Last day in BKK before heading back to SG! Purposely chose the flight timing to be in the evening so at least we still have another half a day more to shop! This post is gonna be a rather short post, basically to share some photos of Day 4 and to consolidate this amazing 4D3N Bangkok trip! Woke up early in the morning to have their McDonald breakfast!
 photo IMG_3738.jpg
I remember the Mcdonalds in BKK had chicken/ pork porridge in their menu when we ate on the second day so we decided to start our last day by having a good breakfast (most probably gonna skip lunch due to last minute shopping!)
 photo IMG_3744.jpg
Chicken porridge on the left and pork porridge on the right! They should totally have porridge in Singapore. I remember last time they used to have it in SG leh, don't know why they never continue. They also have this "Egg and Ham Pie" which is SUPER DELICIOUS. I wonder when will i ever get to taste it again. Promotional/ seasonal item i think :(
 photo IMG_3755.jpg

By the way, the above is like a 3D floor painting which if you take a photo from
a certain angle (which you can see from the photo) it will somehow look 3D!
 photo IMG_3750.jpg
The only photo that i took in the mall. The rest of the time was spent shopping, LOL
 photo IMG_3754.jpg
Red bull gives you wings to shop non-stop! Somehow feel that the glass bottle very waste. It's like after you drink finish (in less than 3 minute because it's a small bottle), you throw the whole glass bottle away. Glass can recycle de hor?
 photo IMG_3758.jpg
SUPER BUSY STREET. No wonder there is a need for the airport transfer to be early in case of jam.
 photo IMG_3761.jpg
I was right, we totally forgot about lunch. Heading back to the hotel and decided to buy some street food along the way while waiting for the airport transfer van to come fetch us. See the omelette rice above? It's the BEST OMELETTE RICE i have ever tasted in my entire life. How can just plain egg and rice taste so delicious! It's cooked by this old auntie at the road side, i look at her cook it from scratch but she just add in the normal salt, oil etc. WHY SO NICE?!
 photo IMG_3765.jpg
 photo IMG_3766.jpg
No jam that afternoon and we reached the airport quite early. Came to BKK with one empty luggage and went back to SG with one full luggage and another big bag! Can you imagine the amount of things i bought in total! Oh my tians.
 photo IMG_3769.jpg
Economy class on Thai Airways back to Singapore.
 photo IMG_3774.jpg
Bought some dried fruits and pork floss back for my family and colleagues. Super not worth it to buy at the airport!
 photo IMG_3776.jpg
Happy me in my comfy seat with pillow! The difference between economy and budget is so... indescribable.
 photo IMG_3788.jpg
My on board dinner - Chicken noodle which i think is not bad! I totally enjoy on board meals, LOL
 photo IMG_3790.jpg
Apparently the on board entertainment was down for the first hour (so angry!) but luckily i had my iPad Mini with a few preloaded movies. So i had some form of entertainment while having my meal! The system came back soon after.
 photo SAM_5613.jpg
Last but not least, a group photo of the 4 of us who came to BKK together! :D

The above instagram collage basically summaries my entire 4D3N trip in BKK.

Being my first time at BKK, i totally love the place and it's definitely the shopping paradise that everyone claims! I remember a few friends telling me BKK is just for girls, guy's stuff are limited. Don't have high expectations or be disappointed blah blah blah but so far i'm lovin' it and would love to come back again soon! Plus BKK is one of the cheapest, nearest (3 hours flight away) and fun place to visit in Asia, anyone can easily plan a trip there anytime!

This marks the end of my 4D3N Bangkok travelogue. Hope you enjoyed reading it!

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