Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Wimbly lu chocolate cafe!

One of my friend recently recommended this Cafe at Serangoon area and told me this place had one of the best waffles he had ever tried (I was like, "Really meh. I just recently deem the Salted Caramel waffle from Pique Nique to be the best i have ever tried leh.") I also read a few reviews on other blogs and most of them highly recommend Wimbly Lu for their food and ambiance. Finally one weekend, i decided to head down with a few friends to check out the place! :D
Wimbly Lu Chocolate Cafe
15-2 Jalan Riang

Managed to gather Ben, Jiaqi and Joyce with me for this gastronomic trip! Nom nom nom.
Not really accessible if you are not driving but still manageable i guess. We initially wanted to take a bus to somewhere near the cafe and walk in ourselves but heng Jiaqi's friend offer to fetch us in! I'm not sure if taking a cab is advisable because the driver might not even know where "Jalan Riang" is. Wimbly Lu is right among all the Terrance houses.
Took a photo of the opening hours which i'm sure most of you would want to know (:
Very vintage-y decor as we enter the cafe. Definitely had to use B&W to bring out this photo, LOL
Takeaways are available but not for some items like the famous Root beer cake, Molten lava cake etc.
The front counter which they prepare the drinks and display the desserts/ cakes they have that day.
Totally felt like ordering every single item to try them out BUT i managed to stop myself, i think.
Waited for about 25 mins for a seat under the natural lighting (where the staff is standing) so that we can make use of the lighting to take photos of the food! Was offered the "indoor" seats at first but we all decided to wait.

Ice cream flavors and soup available for the day!
See what i meant by natural lighting? The roof of the cafe is transparent, allowing some sunlight to come in. After looking around the cafe, i think they converted a terrace house into this cafe, which i thought is a brilliant idea.

Let's now move on to the food we ordered!

Carrot cake ($6)
My first time trying ang mo carrot cake and i'm so glad this slice of carrot cake did not ruin my impression of how carrot cake should be like. The taste was not overpowering and  there was a hint of cinnamon in every taste. Not too bad.

Hot Chocolate (($5.50)
Topped with Marshmallow, a cup of goodness.

Iced Chocolate ($6.50)
Very authentic. Full of flavor. Love it.

Root beer Cake ($6)
Definitely one of the must-try in Wimbly Lu. First time trying such a combination and i would say it was quite a surprise. It's like a brownie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream however dip in root beer sauce at the bottom of the cup. Soak the brownie in fizzy root beer sauce, take a bite with the vanilla ice cream and the taste it. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Double hash ($3)
Nothing special. Just that i wanted something warm and nice. Served in dim sum basket.

Fries ($4)
Likewise, normal fries. Served in dim sum basket. Good snack to munch on when everything else is cold.
Waffle topped with Salted Caramel ice cream ($8.50)
Definitely the highlight of the day. Waffle was still firm and delicious even after we spent about 15 minutes passing it around one by one for us to take photo of it (lol!) Drenched in chocolate sauce, this is definitely one of the fluffiest and yummy waffle i tasted. The salted caramel ice cream was quite normal and the scoop is a little small though. Oh wells.
Cheese Toasty ($3)
Wanted to have toast bread with cheese so i randomly ordered this.

Soup of the day ($5)
Wanted to kick start our meal by having a bowl of warm mushroom soup. 5 kinds of soup available that day (if you remember the photo above) but we all ordered mushroom. It was a little diluted i would say but the bread that came along with it was nice. Wished the soup was a little thicker and that would be just nice and worth the 5 bucks. LOL

All our food came in nicely decorated plates which enhances the tea time ambiance!

Overall i would say i'm quite pleased with the food that Wimbly Lu offers and i definitely would come back again for the waffles and other food items. (Hopefully someone else will be nice enough to drive me in again, lol!) We spent close to $80 trying out the food mentioned above and i think it's quite worth it. But obviously the next time round i won't order to much. Yet to try the Molten lava cake and their tiramisu though! Shall leave it for another time! Till then! :D

Wimbly Lu
15-2 Jalan Riang
Tel: 62891489