Sunday, August 18, 2013

Outfit of the day.

Just thought of doing a random blog post where i consolidate the past #ootd a.k.a Outfit Of The Day that i posted on my instagram account (ig:andystorm) Nowadays when i head out on weekends, and if i put in a little bit more effort in coordinating my outfit, i will tend to take an overall photo of the outfit and post it on my instagram! Obviously i'm not the only doing this #ootd thing on instagram, in fact a lot of people are doing it already. Just search the hashtag "#ootd" and you will see about 10 million photos (and counting) Well, there are 2 ways that i would do my Ootds:
 This is the "outfit-with-nice-background shot".

Every shot is taken with a camera phone. The above is just a shot of the outfit but with a background to so called "compliment" the outfit so that the overall photo looks more interesting. I seldom do this kind of ootd shots though because it's not everyday you get interesting background anywhere without you deliberately looking around for it. LOL
This is the "take-one-shot-and-mirror-image" shot.

As you can see from the amount of photos above, this is my "more preferred" way of taking my ootds. Just take an overall photo of the outfit against any background. It can be a plain colour, or any building, trees, whatever. You can don't really care about the background because after you mirror-imaged it, it actually becomes quite interesting, LOL You can use apps on your phone such as "Diptic" to flip your photos so it becomes an mirror imaged photo or the easiest and most idiot proof way would be to take the photo with photo booth on your iPad. Crop it into instagram and that's it!

If you look closer at a few of the shots in the college, you might realised some of the shots are not mirror imaged, they are 2 different poses, same outfit but they both share the same background. Well, it can be done with apps such as "clone camera" on iOS! It takes awhile to get the hang of such apps but it's really fun and the end result is pretty cool!

Lai lai lai, everyone of you take ootds and post it up on instagram! HAHAHA :D