Thursday, August 22, 2013

Weekend staycation at The Village Hotel, Changi!

Recently there was this 4 day long weekend due to Hari Raya as well as National day and i wanted to do something out of the norm rather than the usual shopping, eating and the things i always do during the weekends so i decided to have a staycation! Basically a staycation is like a mini holiday but instead of going overseas, you have it local by booking a room in one of the local hotels, enjoy its facilities, relax, rejuvenate, giving yourself a break from everything else :D
Got Don and Joyce to share the room and to spend the weekend together. First thing first was to book the room. As you would have guessed, hotel room rates aren't exactly gonna be cheap over the long holiday weekend but we narrowed down to a few hotel choices according to our budget and finally decided on The Village Hotel located at Changi!

But before that, we met at Whitesands to make a trip to NTUC to get some snacks and such so that we won't go hungry during the staycation. Initially we wanted to buy ingredients to make tiramisu or cheesecake (lol, seriously think too much!) in our room for dessert but it seem like like too much effort plus we don't have the proper equipment. So we got stuff like chips, few cans of soft drinks, ready made Sara Lee Strawberry cheese cake and chocolate eclairs :D

Took a bus to Changi and finally reached The Village Hotel. I was joking around saying that if i ever forgot to bring or need anything, i can just make a trip back home to take it because i stay just 10 mins away from the hotel, LOL

The Village Hotel, Changi.

 First thing first was to check into our room! Honestly, we were quite skeptical about our room because the photos that we saw online were quite normal, not really photo worthy for a staycation unlike hotels such as Studio M, or Quincy Hotel whereby you can take photo from any corner of the room and the room still looks gorgeous. Allocated Room 560.

Upon opening the door, our first remark was, "Actually not bad leh!" Phew.

The twin bed deluxe room (25sqm) is actually quite spacious with lots of room to walk around. Not very fanciful but the basics are there, there is even this "resting area" as shown at the bottom left hand corner which we converted to our dining area (you will see the photos later). The bathroom can be seen through the glass panel (which can be covered of course), equipped with a bath tub as well as a rain shower. Honestly speaking, it's quite worth it for the price we paid (:

First 15 mins upon entering the room was purely spamming photos of the room, taking from different angles, very kua zhang one and thereafter i started unpacking the food and drinks that we bought earlier from NTUC and created a food corner for our staycation! Some of the food was part of the mini bar which i took out to take photos only, LOL :|

Let our 2D1N Staycation begin!

Staycation is all about relaxing, without having to think much so we practically spent the first half an hour to one hour nua-ing in the room, connecting to the WIFI, posting photos of the room on our instagram, watching cable TV, trying to "claim"our beds because there were only 2 twin beds, and finally decided to head up to the infinity pool for a swim!

One of the reason why we chose this hotel was because of the infinity pool on the rooftop!

Ohmygawd, look at the view! What a place to relax and one of the best thing is, you get to see planes after planes making their approach into changi airport! I was just practically lying at the edge of the pool, trying to identify the different airlines based on their design. It was one of the best moments of this staycation! I miss the pool! :(
Not forgetting to take photos to capture the moment!

I did one of the dumbest thing ever. I was so excited to go into the pool that i walked into it with my top still on -_- Until Joyce was like, "You are not gonna take off your top ah!" By the time i realised, it was already all soaked.

Decided to risk my iPhone to capture all these shots taken in the pool. I was holding it really really tight, HAHA

Finalist of Philippines next top model. TROLLOLOLOL

*Piak right in your face* How can i not post a selfie of myself on my own blog!

 Last one! Spammed a lot of photos of us in the pool but i shall not flood this photo with them.
 photo Photo10-8-1352240PM.jpg
There are 2 pools in this hotel! One infinity pool at the roof, and one outdoor tank pool on the ground level beside saltwater cafe. I like the fact that you can take underwater shots from the side of the pool but then abit pai seh because everyone in the cafe/restaurant can see you. Wanted to swim the next morning but it was raining :(

Spent close to 2 hours in the pool till our skin wrinkled like prunes (lolololol!) Went back to the room for a quick rinse while deciding what to have for dinner. Initially we wanted to call for both KFC and Domino's delivery so we can enjoy the food in our room but eventually we decided to have a local hawker fare spree by going down to Changi V to dapao!

Changi village hawker center is literally a stone throw away. LOL

The famous changi village food centre. 

The amount of food that we bought to share! There's chicken and pork satay, BBQ chicken wings, oyster omelette, fried carrot cake, fried chicken from this really famous mee store, chicken rice and beef noodles! I think we spent less than $50 on all these food items. Perks of buying from a hawker centre. Pizza and KFC would have definitely cost a lot more.
 photo SAM_6230.jpg
Remember the "resting area" that i mentioned earlier? We converted it to our dining area and sat in a row! Had a really sumptuous dinner and everyone was super full that night. Not forgetting we still have the cheesecake and eclair! :O

Spent the rest of the night watching movies on cable, playing monopoly deal, chit chatting...

Took out the cheesecake and eclair for midnight snack and slept at about 2am. LOL
Woke up at 9am the next morning for the hotel's breakfast at Saltwater cafe!

Buffet style so i created my own version of breakfast, the above is just round 1. If you read my travelogues, you would have realised that breakfast is like one of my most look forward "moment" of the day because i really enjoyed morning buffet breakfast! Normally i would just stuff myself with all kinds of food that is available, less the salad bar. LOL

#Happyboy89. I think i go breakfast wear until like i'm on holiday overseas but i'm actually still in Singapore. HAHAHA

The thing about buffet breakfast is that you get to try all kinds of food in different style  

Headed back to the room after breakfast and started packing to check out at 12 noon. 

All in all it was a good and relaxing weekend spent together with 2 good friends. Really enjoyed the less than 24 hours staycation, not forgetting the gorgeous infinity pool (kinda regret not going for the tank pool!) and i really look forward to the next one! I read online about Quincy hotel which i'm really interested to try it out one day. Ultimate staycation without having to bother about things like meals (because it's all provided!), infinity pool too and on weekends, there are even free classes like baking etc. Quincy hotel, by any chance if you are reading this, please invite me over! HAHAHA

Till the next Staycation!