Saturday, September 21, 2013

아뇨하세요! I'm flying to Seoul!

This year i flew out of the country 3 times.
3 trips in a short span of 3 months.

March was the very first time i went to Bangkok and i really enjoyed myself! Told myself i will return to BKK for another shopping trip soon. May was quite an impromptu sponsored trip to Brunei, was quite skeptical about the trip initially but i totally did not regret it at all, i've experienced so much during the trip and in June, (not expecting my next trip to be so soon!) i flew to BKK again because i love the place so much, and to source for apparels for my blogshop - Graphikos.

Few weeks ago, I was doing some "homework" to try plan a 1 week long year end trip during December, perhaps a country that i haven't been before. I thought of going Japan with some friends, or Gold coast for a sky diving trip. The main setback was the air fare. Traveling to places like Japan or Aussie would cost quite a lot for the air fare alone. Apparently i could go for another BKK trip (flight + accommodation + expenses) for the price of an air fare... even with budget airline like Scoot. I thought maybe i should wait awhile more for group deals which might be cheaper...

Few days later after work, i received an email from KTO (Korean Tourism Organization) asking if i can make it for a sponsored trip to Korea on the stipulated date. My heart was beating quite fast and i re-read the mail a few times because it feels like it's too good to be true. Checked my work schedule and realised i couldn't make it due to work commitments. Was quite upset about it (it's fully sponsored trip to Korea leh!) and politely rejected their offer.

Posted this on my FB shortly after i replied the mail:

 Thought i missed a rather amazing opportunity but i cannot help it due to work so life goes on. Until few days later, KTO email-ed me again giving me another set of dates (mainly 24 to 30 Sep) asking if i will be able to make it. Opportunities like these doesn't often come twice so i requested for leave again (normally i have to request at least 1 month in advance, so this is the main issue, de-conflicted my work schedule and finally, MY LEAVE WAS APPROVED!

I wanted to announce to the whole world that i'm going on a 1 week fully sponsored trip to KOREA but i stopped myself because the details were not confirm and i was half afraid the trip might not happen due to some unforeseen circumstances. Announce everywhere then in the end never go, like a pai seh right... so i contained my excitement for the past few weeks while coordinating with KTO on the details and now, i can finally announce - I'M FLYING TO KOREA!!!

It's been 3 years since i last went Korea (also a sponsored trip by LG the previous time!) and i'm really looking forward to visiting the country again! It won't be a full shopping trip as i will be traveling to 4 places Chungcheongbuk-do, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Gangwon-do and Seoul via the O & V trains which i will introduce in my travelogue when i return!
Will be departing on 24th night and arrive on 25th morning. I will be also be issued a 3G sim card over there thus i'll will be updating my twitter, Facebook and of course upload photos on my instagram so do follow me throughout this 1 week trip on social media! Also "like" KTO's FB as i'm quite sure they will be uploading photos of this trip along the way :D

Counting down to my Korea trip!

Special mention to Korea Tourism Organization Singapore for this sponsored trip:

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