Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sunday Brunch: Nine Thirty by Awfully Chocolate!

Was thinking of a good place for a good brunch to spend my Sunday afternoon and randomly thought of ninethirty by Awfully chocolate located at Katong area. When you think of Awfully chocolate, the first thing that will come up to your mind would be their chocolate desserts such as the 'Hei' ice cream (my favourite!), their cakes and such. I was first introduced to Ninethirty by a colleague when we were thinking of having desserts at about 9pm+, then he suggested this place. After looking through the menu, i knew i had to be back one day for their main dishes/ all day breakfast!
131 East Coast Road
Opposite Katong 112 shopping mall.
 photo Photo1-9-1320545PM.jpg
Was ushered to our seats almost immediately upon entering the bistro. Was expecting a Sunday brunch crowd but the bistro was only about half filled. Maybe because we reached at about 2 plus close to 3, half the crowd was gone.

Truffle fries ($9.90) 
Big portion. Not oily, taste great.

Ordered the Croque Madame ($16) for myself.

The presentation of the food deserved a thumbs up! Classic croque madame on pan - Honey ham, cheddar cheese and egg served on brioche along with mixed sweet potato crisps. At first i thought the portion might be too little but in the end, i was so full! The potato crisps was quite interesting, mainly because of their in house seasoning. Love it!

Bangers and Mash ($14)

Classic dish with pork sausages, creamy mash potato and sauteed mushroom. The poached egg was a little surprise, my friend and i totally did not expect that in the dish. The sauce and the mash potato was a good match (even though i can't figure out what sauce it was) Everything on the plate complimented each other. Overall it was worth it at $14.

Satisfied with my croque madame! :D

Overview of the food we ordered. Initially wanted to order dessert but was too full. Oh wells.

Overall i would definitely be back to try the other dishes as well as their all day breakfast menu! I read online that there is another outlet at Esplanade, which might be more convenient compared to the East coast outlet. That's all i have!

Ending this post with a casual sunday #ootd. Ciaos