Thursday, August 29, 2013

M1 For Every One Contest!

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As you guess from the title of this post, i'm going to share with you guys an awesome contest which you all can take part in and stand to win really attractive prizes! But before that, have you ever wonder why is the contest named - "M1 For Every One"? For M1, no matter who you are, young or old, of any occupation, M1 as a telco, has definitely something meant for you!
Sometimes i get really frustrated when it takes hours just to download a movie, and i specially hate it when i get cut off while watching a video and the word - "Buffering" appears. Felt like I wasted a few seconds of my life waiting, LOL M1 is always listening to your needs, and this contest that i'm going to share will be just the right platform for you, users to tell M1 what you enjoy on Fibre Broadband. Don't worry if you are not an M1 user, it's okay! :D

A little preparation needs to be done for this M1 For Every One Contest:

What you need is a big piece of white paper and some drawing materials.

Write on the paper stating what you enjoyed on Fibre Broadband.

Take a video of yourself with that piece of paper saying what you enjoy on Fibre Broadband!

Last but not least, "Like" M1 on their official Facebook page HERE and you can submit your video through the M1 facebook app! If you are a instagram user, you can also join with your enjoy through a instavid. Just hashtag #M1ForEveryone in your caption while sharing out!

After your submitted video is approved, you stand to win really attractive prizes! Winners are chosen every fortnightly. 5 winners from week 1&2 will win a HTC one each, and 5 winners from week 3&4 will win a Samsung GS4 each! If you are not one of the winners, fret not because for participants that submitted your videos will be in a lucky draw where there will be 5 Sony Xperia Tablet Z and 5 Galaxy Note 10.1 to be won every fortnightly! That's a lot of prizes to be won!

How do you know if you are one of the 5 winners? Well, the 5 selected winners will have their videos stitched together into 1 video and it will be uploaded to the Facebook contest page! You can also view the video submissions by others on the contest page! If your video is one of the 5 videos in it, congrats!

Here's an example:

Contest is from 29th August to 11 September 2013.

Being a social media addict, i would totally love to have super fast connection wherever i go so that i can always check my Twitter/Facebook updates, load photos/videos on my instagram on the go! Hate it when it takes a long time to load!

With Fibre Broadband, i can load my movies and videos on my iPad so much faster without any lag time!

What are you waiting for? Start taking out a big piece of white paper, write what you enjoy on Fibre Broadband, take a video of yourself and submit your video to the M1 for every one contest! Good luck :D