Sunday, November 10, 2013

24th at Little Pancakes!

It's been a while since i update about the happenings in my life due to the Korean travelogue for the whole of October. Met up with my BFFs the night before my 24th birthday to have dinner followed by our karaoke session at Teo heng (first time there but thought KBox or Partyworld was much better even though Teo heng is cheaper) Anyway few days before the exact date i was thinking where we should have our dinner at and since Yah see is driving, i suggested Little Pancakes at Upper Thomson! Always wanted to visit Little Pancakes but it's quite inaccessible if you are not driving.
Little Pancakes
#01-04, Thomson Imperial Court, 200 Upper Thomson Road
 photo cafe.jpg
Ever since i saw photos of this place and their food on instagram, i've always wanted to visit! As the name of the shop suggest, it's a little cafe where they serve freshly made bite sized pancakes! The way it's presented is also very cute!
 photo IMG_4256.jpg
You get to choose between the Sweet or Savoury menu. It was a dilemma for me because everything on the menu seem so interesting! But since we were having dinner, the 3 of us decided to opt for the savoury menu. Almost wanted to ordered from the sweet menu but the BFFs advised me not to. It was until later then i know the reason why...
 photo IMG_4310.jpg
Went over to the counter to see how they made the pancakes. What they do is prepare the mini pancakes on the spot (about 10 pieces for each order) and prepare the rest of the food items (like sausage, cheese etc) along the way.

After i ordered, the BFFs went to the toilet and came out with this...
 photo IMG_4261.jpg
A customized birthday brownie from P.osh! Only then i know the reason why the 3 of us ordered from the savoury menu instead of the sweet menu because it would be too much sweetness involved. Lucky i never order from the sweet menu.
 photo bffs.jpg
I wasn't expecting a present because i know how difficult it is to get me a present but they got me a rabbit craftholic in my favourite design! It's now sitting at the side of my bed and once a while i will hug it while using my phone at night
 photo blow.jpg
Got to blow a candle and make a wish even though it's not officially my birthday yet. Like that will still come true?
 photo IMG_4265.jpg
Chick and cheesy ($8.50) Love how fluffy the mini pancakes are!
 photo IMG_4275.jpg
Ham and Cheesy ($8.50) Had this for myself. Was told they ran out of potato salad that day and asked if i would like more greens or replace it with baked beans. Was secretly happy that i got the baked beans instead. Heehee
 photo IMG_4271.jpg
Big fan of all day breakfast ($10.90) Very much like the Chick and cheesy but comes with additional scrambled eggs.
 photo IMG_4298.jpg
Went to Teo heng to sing Karaoke after our dinner. Thank you BFFs for celebrating my birthday! :D

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