Sunday, November 17, 2013

24th at Switch by Timbre!

Actual day of my birthday, 19 October. I don't know how others feel but for me, as i grow older, birthdays doesn't seem that really important anymore, especially after you plan your 21st. This year, i intended to have a simple dinner with a few of my good friends and that's it. When i was preparing to head out, i still whatsapp them - "Since it's only the few of us and i'm too lazy to dress up so i'm going to wear what i wore out that day, don't judge me. LOL" (my birthday was on a Saturday and we met previously on Tuesday i think) So i casually wore the same thing outfit. The thing about me is that you will never see me wear the same thing out in the same week, in fact same month even? Except that day...
 photo donut.jpg
Was roaming around town and decided to drop by Tangs to check out the Krispy kreme queue. Really very kua zhang but since we had time before our reservation at Switch, we decided to queued up for it as we wanted to try if it's really that good. We learnt about the express queue before we joined the queue and unknowingly we got ushered to the express queue amongst all the crowd. Queued up for only 15 mins to get a dozen of the original glazed ones :D
 photo IMG_4407.jpg
Timbre is one of my favourite place to chill because of the good food and live band. Switch is by Timbre and you get enjoy the same thing but in an air conditioned environment! Made a "reservation" for 4 few days before and while we were waiting to be ushered to our table, i glanced around and saw this familiar guy in white looking at me. It's was Meldric and i realised, a big group of familiar faces were occupying a long table. Was quite surprised at the turnout.
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It's been awhile since we had 13 people from the *cousins group had dinner together!
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Ordered 2 rounds of food as we were waiting for the live band to start at around 10.30pm. Ordered quite a no. of side dishes such as buffalo wings, potato wedges, fries, soft shell crab as well as a few of their famous pizzas (duck pizza!!!!)
 photo sms.jpg
As the live band starts, there is this SMS system whereby you can dedicate songs to your friends or send your wishes to them. Apparently my name appeared quite a no. of times on the screen. super pai seh. Mel requested for the fox song and the band that night (i think was ground zero) did their rendition and got everyone in the restaurant high, LOLOLOL  photo cake.jpg Halfway through the night, i turned my head and i saw this huge tiramisu cake right in my face with the candles lit! If you know me well enough, you would know that tiramisu is my all-time favourite dessert. Very delicious!!!!
 photo R0010225.jpg
Me giving the "how-should-i-go-about-cutting-the-cake" look and Jiaqi explaining how i should do it, LOL
 photo us-1.jpg
Group photos along the way. Thank you Jiaqi, Jinglong, Kaixin, Joyce, Conan, Jiazhen, Mel, Amanda, Fenny, Dawn, Ruo xuan, Limei and Kaizhi, not forgetting Weijie who came and drop by just before his movie nearby! Felt quite bad to make you guy pay for the dinner which i think should be quite expensive even though i did not see the bill. 謝謝你們!
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Imma a happy birthday boy. It's amazing how we met through the internet. Went over to Marina Barrage after the meal to chill and we suddenly talk about how we first met, the outings we had, the significant events (like on one event during one of our chilling session outside esplanade after dinner, me and weijie received a call from our parents saying our NS enlistment arrived, super epic. lol!), how some of us changed in terms of looks *cough* ah beng mel and weijie *cough* and the people that came and go regardless of reasons. All the little little wonderful memories. Thank you