Monday, November 25, 2013

The Tiramisu Hero Cafe.

Cafe hopping and brunch seem to be like the "in thing" nowadays and every weekend or so, i try to visit new cafes and try out their brunch menu. Honestly, most of them serve typically the same thing like Eggs Benedict, all day breakfast set etc and perhaps other than the quality of the food, what differentiates each cafe is probably the ambiance. Some places the food might not be marvelous but it's the environment, the ambiance that makes you feel like going back just to have a cup of coffee while you finish up your book, or bring your netbook so you can spend your afternoon there.

For this blog post, i visited the newly opened Tiramisu Hero cafe opened by Peggy (sixpegs) and her partner. I've been following her blog on how the whole tiramisu hero concept came about and how they moved on from an online order site to an actual physical cafe so when "The Tiramisu Hero" cafe opened, i knew i had to give this cafe a visit (:
 photo IMG_4874.jpg
The Tiramisu Hero  121 Tyrwhitt Road Thu - Tue: 11:00 - 22:00, Closed: Wed

Located at Jalan Besar, it doesn't seem like it's exactly easy to reach and there isn't much specific instructions on the internet on how to get to the cafe but the place is actually of walkable distance from Lavender MRT station! Alight at Lavender MRT station, cross the road over to V hotel and just walk along the street in. 10 mins walk.
 photo IMG_4935.jpg
Arrived at the brightly lit cafe and the first thing that caught my eye was the Sir Antonio doodles on the wall. Reached at about 4pm-ish (not exactly brunch timing, lol) but the place was already filled with customers and we had to wait about 10 mins for a table for 5. In the meantime, we can browse through sales items on display such as accessories.
 photo IMG_4897.jpg
A little cozy corner at the entrance filled with quirky retro items. Good for photo taking, LOL
 photo SAM_6476.jpg
Overview of the cafe from the inside, not really big. Can fit about 50 pax? Love the hand-drawn doodles on the walls (using markers i think) and cool idea of having ladders on the ceiling with lights hanging off them. Simple yet creative.  photo SAM_6477.jpg The highlight of the cafe which would be the food! Everyone ordered a different item so we get to try each dish.
 photo IMG_4893.jpg
Truffle Eggs Bacon Roll ($10.50) It was a rather good combination for an appetizer.
 photo SAM_6485.jpg
Forgot what drink Joyce ordered but it came with this coffee art which i think is a... lion maybe? No idea.  photo SAM_6491.jpg Mushroom Soup ($6) The soup was served in a tea cup and it was creamy and good. Love the garlic bread!  photo SAM_6487.jpg Baked Cheesy Chicken ($17) Looks good but not gonna comment because i only had 1 bite.
 photo IMG_4909.jpg
Kaixin ordered the Curry Baked Rice ($12.50) She said it was not bad :)
 photo SAM_6494.jpg I ordered the Bangers and Mash ($15) The other option you get to choose was Bangers with Mac. I'm not sure if the mashed potato is supposed to be chunky but i love it just the way it is. It definitely feels hand made since it's not smooth and thoroughly mashed. 3 fat sausages came along with it. I think they are Chicken cheese, Pork and... something else. It wasn't written in the menu anyway. I was REALLY REALLY full at the end of it. Worth it.  photo SAM_6495.jpg How can we enter a tiramisu cafe and not have their tiramisu! Instead of having one jar each at $7.50, we ordered the medium size one (NonnaHero i think) at $17.50. Being a tiramisu fan, i had really high expectation of their tiramisu since i heard so much about it but honestly, i was quite disappointed because i felt there wasn't enough flavour :(  photo IMG_4938.jpg Mandatory shot with the Sir Antonio mascot head located in front of the counter. LOL  photo R0010755-2.jpg A group photo of us taken in the cafe by one of their staff. Had a good meal that evening  photo R0010758-3.jpgOverall the food was good and price wise, i would say the items were a bit pricey and do take note that the price stated on the menu are not inclusive of GST (i wished it was already included) I guess i will be back again in the future to try out the other food items, not forgetting the desserts like the Lava cake and mud pie. Oh wells, I don't foresee Tiramisu Hero to be one of those cafes where you can spend a whole afternoon in due to the current hype and crowd.