Sunday, December 29, 2013

Poly mates annual x'mas gathering!

Normally i will blog about my Christmas in January because of the short time frame between 25th and 31st but since i got a bit of time today, and i'm still in the midst of preparing my 2013 year end post to be published on the 31st (hopefully!) I shall blog about my gathering with my poly mates! Wanted to have Strictly pancakes for dinner but it closed early that day so we switched to "The Screening Bar" but it was fully booked that night so we ended up at DOME.
 photo IMG_6608.jpg
The food was pretty good, i had their bacon carbonara. By the way, there was only 4 out of the 6 of us for dinner. Peggy (once again) couldn't meet us due to work commitments but i met her earlier to collect her gift for the gift exchange, just like last year. Rinn was working till 9.30pm that day so the intent was for her to join us for the gift exchange! (:  photo IMG_6604.jpg Had dinner quite early to avoid the dinner crowd. Especially due to X'mas period! Headed to Starbucks after dinner!  photo starbucks.jpg Managed to get a pretty good seats, ordered some cakes and drinks while we wait for Rinn.  photo camwhore.jpg Camwhore with Keith, we only meet like once a year during X'mas! Must meetup more often!  photo random.jpgWhile preparing how the gift exchange should be conducted, we were like, "last year who got whose present ah?", "I forgot what i received already" then i remembered i blogged on every of our Xmas gathering! So i looked through my archives and found last year's post, with photos of us holding the present we exchanged. Problem solved, LOL  photo each.jpg FINALLY Rinn arrived at about 10pm due to the crazy jam in town on Christmas eve!  photo IMG_6637.jpg Grabbed a chair and placed our presents on it. There were more presents than the amount of people we have because we were all confused on the gift budget and ended up all of us had to top up another gift! So 2 presents each! :D  photo SAM_7289.jpg Happy us with our presents! and we started opening them!  photo presents-1.jpg We were commenting how difficult it is to get presents that can be catered to both sexes and whether it would be useful so probably from next year onwards, we are going do "Secret Santa" or everyone to buy a gift for each other! I got Rinn's gift which was 12 delicious macaroons from TWG and a Paul frank cable clip!  photo SAM_7302.jpg  photo SAM_7303.jpg Which i eventually opened it up to share with everyone. Happy us with our macaroons! (:  photo SAM_7322.jpg Last but not least, a group photo to end the night  

It has been like 6 years since we met during our first semester in class W15B. 6 different people (including peggy!) pursuing 6 different diplomas but brought together in the same class (thanks to the weird school system, LOL) Glad that we are making the effort to meet for Christmas every single year even though it might just be once a year. We should honestly meet up more leh! Every year the same comment - "一年一次" Nevertheless, glad that we still keep in touch
P.s: They probably won't see this post because they don't read my blog one! Angry. HAHAHHA