Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013: Another year to conclude.

In a blink of an eye, it's has been another 365 days and we now welcome 2014. Time really flies. It's also time to ask yourself, "What have you accomplish in 2013?", "What were the significant events?" and most importantly, "What are your resolutions/ goals for 2014?" Every year end i do a blog post like this to conclude the happenings of my life (i had to look back at my 2013 archives to come up with this post) So without further ado, Here's what happened in my 2013:
 photo jan.jpg
 photo Jan.jpg
I'm glad i have this bunch of friends affectionately known as the *cousins. Not related by blood at all and we met online years ago, specifically through blogging. In January, we had our first "overseas" trip, not by plane, but by coach to Legoland. Had a great day at the themepark and took lots and lots of photos for keepsake. We are just waiting for the Lego hotel to be done before we head there again not only for the themepark, but also for the newly built water park! (then again, i heard the water park is for kids only, we shall see.)  By the way, our next overseas trip together which was just confirmed few days ago is to BKK in April 2014! 13 of us are going, totally like a huge tour group. Omggg.

My driving license is taking forever, LOL. As you might know, i took my BTT last year after much procrastination, so in January 2013, i took my FTT and i FAILED by just 1 mark. Thought i could just pass without studying just like my BTT but i was wrong. JUST ONE MARK TO PASS LEH. Had to wait another 2 months before i get to take again :(
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 photo Feb.jpg
February is the month of CNY but before that, the Adventure Cove park opened in RWS so the *cousins decided to head down one weekend! Had so much fun in the waters for the entire day and we even get to snorkel twice leh! :D Chinese New Year was just like any other year with the house visiting, countless Yu sheng sessions and get togethers (:
 photo mar.jpg
 photo March-1.jpg
2 months passed and it's time to take my FTT all over again. Totally forgot about the date i booked and only realised it the day before plus i did not cater enough time to travel from my workplace to Ubi. As you might have guess, i flunk again (3 marks this time) For the second time. Where got people fail FTT 2 times one... Did not book my next session until like the month of May which i had to wait another 2 months. It's gonna be my third attempt already. So pai seh.

March is also the first time i visited BKK and i literally WENT CRAZY. I loveeee the place so much, omg. I've heard about BKK being the ultimate shopping paradise and finally i get to experience it myself. Not just the shopping but also the food, visit the 4 faced Buddha etc. I also told myself i must return to this place again, at the very least once a year!
 photo april.jpg
 photo April-2.jpg
Nothing much really happened in the month of April but the *cousins had the annual picnic at Marina barrage for the dunno how many years consecutive already. They are pretty much a part of my life now, with new faces coming in and a few leaving due to some reasons but i'm glad we are still going strong! The picnic must happen in 2014! 
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 photo May-1.jpg
Month of May, i was approached by Brunei Tourism Board for a sponsorship to go over to Brunei and experience their country. I was quite skeptical about going at first but i went nevertheless and i did not regret one bit. Made new friends like Rui long, Tiffany, Malcolm, Karen, Denise and not forgetting our guide, Tom. A whole new experience throughout the 4 days. I think i have never shared so much about myself with strangers before but we really bonded in this 4 days brunei trip, from total strangers to friends. Stay in touch to the OMY Brunei team if you guys are reading this!

On a side note, i got to see Carly Rae Jepsen and PSY in person in the month of May (:
 photo june-1.jpg
 photo june.jpg
Finally got an iPhone 5. I know it's like the most common thing to get an iPhone and every other tom, dick and harry has one but it was quite a huge deal for me because i own all sorts of apple products like a few iPod and iPad but because of my job scope, owning a camera phone wasn't very practical. FINALLY i can has an iPhone 5! So happy.

Remember in the month of March i went to BKK and returned saying i would definitely visit the place again? Can't believe the "again" was just 2 months later. Booked another trip and headed over in June. This time with an objective which was revealed in August. Really love BKK a lot and like i mentioned earlier, the next time i will be visiting BKK would be in April 2014! That would be in 4 months time! *counting down by the month because day would be too much*
 photo july.jpg
 photo July-1.jpg
Last year i joined the Singapore Blog Awards and got some consolation prize and this year i somehow got nominated as a finalist again. Not the winner of my category (even though i did put in effort but apparently not enough) and i got 2nd place! Ok lah, at least my efforts were recognized. This whole blogging thing has been the most amazing journey throughout the past 6 years and it's probably the best thing that i've ever done to make my teenager life such an exciting one compared to a lot of people out there. Guess lady luck also played a part in this amazing journey (:

Yes, it's FTT again. This time i studied and i finally PASSED, with flying colours. Only got 1 question wrong, LOL I can officially take my driving test but... i have yet to start learning. I know i know... it's already December and i passed my FTT in July, please give me the procrastinator award. I should have started learning the moment i passed my BTT last year so that along the way i just have just to learn and pass my FTT at the same time so that the final driving test date coincides nicely blah blah blah. I KNOW. I've been told like 5 million times already. Ok, now i regret. LOL

I shall start by looking for an instructor. But how to find ah? :|

 photo august.jpg
 photo Aug.jpg
Launched my very own blog shop, no wait. I should call it an online store (sounds more professional) and it did quite well. The amount of effort to start a online business is tremendous i tell you. On top of my regular job, i have to check my email every now and then for orders, answer queries, coordinate with customers for payment, pack the stock and mail it to them, ALL BY MYSELF. Sometimes i have to deal with stupid customers which makes me feel like grabbing their head and slam it against the wall but no, i have to be professional and use my PR skills *flicks hair* After all i was the one who wanted to start up this blog online store myself, i have to answer for everything and not blame anyone.

Overall it was a good experience and i'm intending to continue as long as i can juggle my time well. Thank you to my customers (which i have a feeling about 70% are my readers, lol) Do lookout for the next collection which will be launch in i-have-no-idea-when-also leh. Just lookout for it soon, LOL I'm so unprofessional, omgggg. HAHAHHAHA

In the month of August, i also had a staycation with Joyce and Don at the Village hotel, Changi. Main purpose was to take a break from everything (which honestly sound quite ridiculous for me because i have been traveling every few months, TROLLOLOL) BKK in March, Brunei in May then BKK again in June, wait till you read on further, LOL
 photo september.jpg
 photo Sep.jpg
September i received the most amazing email from Korea Tourism Organization, an invitation for a sponsored trip to Korea. Almost didn't happened because i had to reject it the first time due to work commitments but eventually the dates were changed and was able to take last minute leave. Really lucky to be visiting Korea for the 2nd time and also sponsored (first was in 2010 sponsored by LG) Really really very thankful for all these amazing opportunities :D

Side note: Watched Big Bang performed live during the F1 concert, thanks to Clarence!
 photo october.jpg
 photo Oct.jpg
Month of October. Nothing else matters except for my 24th birthday which was celebrated with my BFFs as well as the *cousins! Every year when i celebrate my birthday, it also meant that i'm another year older. I'm gonna hit 25 next year, it's like the... quarter life crisis? Going to 25 years old liao, how come the girl of my dreams haven't appear yet ah?
 photo november.jpg
 photo Nov.jpg
Nothing much happened in November. Either that or i can't remember. Anyway, i was invited to the Leessang showcase which i get to see Kang Gary in person! If only i could have taken a photo with him, then maybe my month of November would be more interesting. How come like nothing happened in November ah? Never mind. Moving on...
 photo december.jpg
 photo Dec.jpg
My favourite month because it's Christmas month! But before that, i traveled out of the country again. YES AGAIN. I counted a total of 5 trips this year, so on an average, a trip every 2.5 months! I have no idea how i did that with the amount of  work leaves i have. No wonder my friends always comment - "Ehh you confirm working anot? See your FB/ Instagram always traveling. Why so free one!" What i got to say is that, sometimes all you have to do is - Make time.

Went to Krabi with Jiaqi, Jing Long and Mel for our year end trip. Still trying to find time to blog about the trip. Probably it will be out in Jan! Christmas is also the period where i get to catchup with different groups of friends and also for gift exchange! Had a staycation with the *cousins at Capri by Fraser this year (4th year already! Will blog about it really soon!). Met up with my poly mates which i have blogged earlier and lastly, my 2 dearest BFFs! ♥
Come 2014, i have made a couple of resolutions and goals which i might cover in a blog post. 2014 is the year i will have to make a major decision, similar to the one i made 3 years ago and this marks the end of my 2013 year end post. Hello 2014, make it be a even better year than 2013, a year full of opportunities, relationships, wealth and career.

 Signing off,