Sunday, January 5, 2014

-15 degrees at 2 degrees ice art exhibition!

First post of the year. Even though i still have a couple of overdue posts from last year including my X'mas staycation, and not forgetting my Krabi travelogue (damn, i wonder when i will be done with those!) I thought i should start the first post of the year by blogging about something that happened in 2014. Went to the 2 degrees ice art exhibition at MBS yesterday! Ever since i heard that the exhibition is in Singapore, i always wanted to find time to visit it! :D
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Anyway it's not really located at MBS. I think a lot of people had the impression that it's at the art science museum but it's actually behind MBS. If you take the MRT, exit from A and the exhibition is just beside the exit, on open grounds.
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Bought the online online beforehand to avoid the queue plus there is a 10% discount if you get your tickets online so it's about $28.80 (original price is $32 for adults) Tickets comes with free gloves and rental of coat is at $5 each (:
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There will be staffs there to help you put on your coat before you enter the exhibition.  Before i went for this exhibition, i heard about how cold the place is and how you would even think twice whether to remove your gloves so that you that you can use your touchscreen phone to take photos (lol!) The coldest i ever experience was in Korea at -12 degrees, but that was a long time ago. This time it's gonna be -15 degrees so i was really excited to see how cold it is!
 photo SAM_7343.jpg
Was greeted by this huge ice sculpture of some building when we first enter! It was not really cold at first though.
The exhibition reminds me of this place in Hong Kong, i think ocean park also has something like this inside...
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By the way if you are wondering, i did not went alone. Was with Joyce and Limei :D
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I remembered the time when it was -12 degrees in Korea, my camera went abit crazy and even hanged sometimes. The same thing happened that day halfway in the exhibition, i was so afraid my camera would just spoil and die! But thankfully after awhile, it went back to normal. The cold weather doesn't seem to have any effect on phones, LOL
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At the back of the exhibition is this huge ice slide! You can choose the slide down from the 2 ice slides at the side, or slide down the on a tube as shown in the photo above. (I went for the smaller one because it was too much effort to queue for the tube one) The funny thing that happened that day was, just i was preparing to sit down to slide down the slide, i slipped on the slippery ice and slide down quickly, totally unprepared. HAHHAHHAHA Super pai seh please T_T
 photo SAM_7388.jpg
At the side of the slide, you can play with snow too! If you haven't seen snow in real life before, this is like almost 100% identical to the real thing. Other places only know how to use the cheapo snow aka foam to create the effect, Zzz.
 photo SAM_7412.jpg
In case you didn't know, there are 3 timings in a day where it will "snow" in the exhibition! Heng i went to check online so that we can plan our timing so that we get to experience the snow. Basically they have this snow machine where the staff will scoop the "snow" from the ground into the machine and it will shoot it up high and slowly fall onto the crowd.
 photo SAM_7409.jpg
Group photo before we leave the exhibition! Anyway we went in twice that day. When we exited the first time and returned our coat, i asked if we can go in again and apparently we can! We went out to get some heat because it was really really cold inside and went to visit the 2 degrees ice bar that is just right beside the exhibition! Brrrr
 photo icebar.jpg
As you can see the tables, chairs are all entirely craved out of ice! So cool!!! Entry into the ice bar is free but i think you need to at least order a drink. The cheapest i think are soft drinks at about 6 bucks and if you want your drink to be in a specially craved ice mug, it would be an additional of $3. At the end of it, there is this corner inside the ice bar (bottom right hand photo) where you can throw your ice mug against the wall and smashed it, cheap thrill. HAHA
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That's all i have for my 2 degrees ice art experience! For those who are still thinking whether it's worth the money to visit this exhibition, i think for the experience of being in -15 degrees (especially in Singapore), it's quite worth it. I wonder why is the exhibition called 2 degrees ice art when they state that the temperature inside is actually -15?
 photo banana.jpg
Random shot of the Tokyo bananas that i got my friend to bring back from Japan! Finally get to try it! :D