Wednesday, January 29, 2014

กระบี่ Krabi travelogue: Day 2

Rise and shine in Krabi! Had a pretty good sleep the night before (less the "imaginary bat" hanging on our ceiling, LOLOLOL) and woke up early on day 2 as we had to prepare our breakfast and wait for the tour van to come fetch us for our Phi Phi island tour. As i mentioned in the previous post, we booked a phi phi tour for Day 2, and the 4-island tour for Day 3. Pretty much spending our Krabi trip out in the sea. visiting the beautiful beaches and swimming with the fishes.
 photo IMG_5884.jpg
Camwhore early in the morning while waiting for my turn to use the toilet. #selfies
 photo breakfast.jpg
Prepared our own breakfast with the microwavable food that we got from 7-eleven the night before. Was really surprised by the ham and cheese croissant and the hot dog cheese bread. SO DELICIOUS OHMYGAWD.
 photo SAM_6723.jpg
Shortly after our breakfast, a truck came to fetch us to Ao nang beach which is the starting point of our tour!
 photo SAM_6736.jpg
The beautiful and probably the most famous beach in Krabi - Ao Nang beach.
 photo SAM_6734.jpg
 photo SAM_6759.jpg
The night before we bought ourselves a Ocean pack each! Guess which colour is mine?
 photo SAM_6741.jpg
 photo SAM_6757.jpg
 photo SAM_6761.jpg
Soon we were ushered to board the speedboat for our tour! Let the Day 2 adventure begin!
 photo onboat.jpg
 photo SAM_6772.jpg
First stop: Bamboo island! (if i remember correctly)

Took about 25 mins from the beach to arrive at your first stop. I think the island is called Bamboo island, probably because there's lots of bamboo growing in that forest you see in the above picture, but we never bother to find it out...
 photo R0011177-2.jpg
Instead, we started looking for a nice spot to take photos and enjoy the beach, the sun and the waters!
 photo beach.jpg
This is the getaway that i've always wanted. To just sit on the beach, without nothing much on the mind, look across the waters and let time pass slowly. But honestly speaking, time pass faster when you are having fun. Oh wells.
 photo SAM_6775.jpg
Spotted a tiny white crab that is probably just the size of my fingernail!
 photo SAM_6782.jpg
Love this photo! Endless blue green waters and waves
 photo SAM_6799.jpg
Jing long brought his instax camera and we took individual/ group shots for keepsake!
 photo SAM_6802.jpg
 photo SAM_6808.jpg
Soon it was time to leave Bamboo island and head to your next check point.
 photo SAM_6824.jpg
Passed by the Viking Cave where swifts make their nest. The bird's nest are harvested from February to April by locals who use rickety bamboo scaffolding to get up to them once the birds have finished nesting. *ka-ching* $$$$$

Shortly after, we noticed how clear the water was and was told we arrived at "Phi leh bay" where it's time for us to get down into the waters to snorkel! Snorkeling is probably the main highlight of this tour, LOL Not my first time since i've been to this Phi Phi island tour when i visited Phuket the previous time, once in Brunei and also another in Adventure cove (if that is even counted, haha) Nevertheless, i was still excited to get into the water to see the fishes! :D
 photo snorkelling.jpg
Before we boarded the speedboat the Ao nang beach in the morning, we bought a loaf of bread just to feed the fishes! The only way to gather the fishes' attention and get them to crowd around you would be to feed them! HAHAHHAA
 photo snorkel.jpg
Individual shots taken with the Polaroid underwater camera that i bought prior to this trip!
 photo water.jpg
 photo SUNP0085.jpg
Photos of us feeding the fishes! Once you take out the bread, all the fishes will just rush towards you and try to snatch the bread from your hand. Quite an amazing experience for those snorkeling in the sea for the very first time. The sea water was really really salty and thank god they provide sweet watermelon for us once we got out of the water.
 photo IMG_5915.jpg
After snorkeling, we were brought to another island which was overcrowded with tourists!
 photo SAM_6832.jpg
Even though we already dried ourselves from the snorkeling, we decided to head into the waters again!
 photo SAM_6861.jpg
I have no idea what i was trying to do. Maybe trying to stay afloat? LOL
 photo SAM_6869.jpg
The surrounding backdrop was really picturesque. Something that you can never find in Singapore.
 photo SAM_6872.jpg
Finally we arrived at Phi Phi island where we had our buffet lunch and also an hour to tour the island. Honestly, there's nothing much to do on the island except to eat and take photos. I saw people doing para sailing (which i always wanted to try!) but we didn't have time. Oh wells. Phi phi island was the last stop of our tour and we headed back to Ao Nang, which took close to 2 hours i think. The ride was rather bumpy but i still fell asleep on the boat. Just too tired.
 photo SAM_6877.jpg
Can you see where the four of us are sitting in the above photo?

Well, the truck that is supposed to send us back to our hotel was full so the driver suggested we sit on the roof. Without even thinking twice, the 4 of us just climbed up the truck and sat up there all the way to our hotel! #YOLO lol

Went back to the hotel to wash up and headed out for dinner! We were searching for a good place for dinner, preferably a seafood meal since Krabi is famous for its fresh seafood and we stopped by this Indian restaurant (apparently they won awards from TripAdvisor etc) and they offered us a seafood set meal at a rather good price.
 photo SAM_6885.jpg
One whole fish, one squid, 1 crab, Prawns and a pizza for dinner. Looks amazing but the food was so-so with this Indian spice taste in all the food items. Everything was barbeque and not really well done. Totally not worth the price that we paid. We then realised the restaurant is a Indian restaurant which has seafood items as well. *roll eyes all the way back*
 photo SAM_6881.jpg
But still, a group photo to commemorate our 2nd dinner in Krabi. LOL

Eating the crab was a challenge because of the hard shell and we were trying all sort of methods to try to get some meat. In the end we gave up and asked for those metal "pincer" which zi char stall always provide whenever someone order crab. The manager of the Indian restaurant had no idea what we wanted and in the end, gave us this:
 photo R0011334.jpg
I seriously wonder where he got it from. The storeroom toolbox? Did not help much at all.

That's it for Day 2 in Krabi! Oh, remember i mentioned on top of the Phi Phi island tour that we booked, we also booked the 4 island tour. We figured out it would be rather much the same as the Phi Phi island tour (i.e taking the boat out to sea, snorkeling etc) so we went back to the tour agency and requested to change our package. Luckily they allow us and we changed our 4 island tour package to another package which includes White water rafting, elephant trekking and ATV! At least we are doing something totally different, LOL That's all i have, stay tuned for Day 3 in Krabi! :D

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