Thursday, January 23, 2014

กระบี่ Krabi travelogue: Day 1

It's been almost 2 month since i came back from Krabi and i'm finally done with filtering and editing the photos for this 4 day travelogue. Honestly speaking, i can't really remember the fine details of the trip like for example, the name of the islands i went etc but i'll still try my best! You might be asking in your head, why go to Krabi and not Phuket?

Well this trip was actually an impromptu trip. Ever since the start of the year (2013) i always wanted to plan a year end trip but since i was sent on a sponsored trip to Korea by KTO in October, i took it as the "year end" trip already... But the wanderlust in me took over and decided i shall go for another getaway! Wanted a really short and relaxing one and decided for Bintan but after calculating the overall cost, i was thinking, why not just go to Phuket or Krabi, for just like maybe a hundred bucks more? We still get to enjoy the beach, the sun, and the waters just that we will be taking a plane over. I've been to Phuket before and since we are looking at a short relaxing beach trip, we settled for Krabi.
 photo IMG_5803.jpg
Fast forward, it was a rather gloomy day that afternoon, dark clouds threatening a thunderstorm...
 photo SAM_6623.jpg
But still, what really concerns us is the weather in Krabi, not in Singapore! I always like to dress up a bit a.k.a airport fashion regardless of which country i'm heading too, don't really have to care about being judged by anyone, LOL
 photo SAM_6631.jpg
My companions for this trip: Jiaqi, Meldric and Jing Long! I'm not the only one in airport fashion! HAHAHA
 photo SAM_6636.jpg
 photo SAM_6641.jpg
First time departing on a rainy day.
 photo SAM_6645.jpg
Being in the aviation field, i know that once we get out/ or go above the the rain clouds, we will be clear of the weather! Soon, the skies cleared up and we were able to see the clear blue sky and pretty cloud formations.
 photo SAM_6650.jpg
Then upon landing, we realised it was raining in Krabi as well...
 photo SAM_6649.jpg
Another one of the few experiences whereby i had to get off the plane onto the tarmac and take a short bus ride to the terminal. The last time was in Hong Kong i think and this only happens to budget airline because of the aircraft size.
 photo SAM_6651.jpg
Read online that there are 2 ways to get to the main areas of Krabi, one would be by bus at a much cheaper price and they stop you somewhere near your hotel (unless your hotel is those famous ones) or two, hire a car to fetch you to your hotel at 600 baht/ ride (est. $24). You will spot the counter to hire the car immediately after clearing the customs. We got really lucky and got a huge spacious van for the 4 of us instead of having to squeeze in a car!
 photo room.jpg

Miti Resort
262 Moo 2, Ao Nang soi 11 Maung Krabi 81000 Thailand

We got 2 deluxe room which was really huge, one of which was directly in front of the pool. Really spacious and clean i would say. Really worth the price at about $108/night. The location was not bad too, but it's quite a distance to the famous Ao Nang beach. 20 mins walk maybe? I think we walked too slowly but there were things to see along the way.
 photo SAM_6660.jpg
By the time we settled down, it was already about 5pm and there's nothing much we can do so we decided to hire a car from the hotel to bring us to the famous Krabi night market (which was quite a distance away, 35 mins ride...)
 photo SAM_6665.jpg
Arrived at the Krabi town night market and it was raining heavily! But instead of sulking at one corner complaining, we bought ponchos from one of the convenience store and went around looking for dinner! P.s: Actually we did check the weather forecast beforehand and indeed it states that the day we arrived would be a rainy day but the next 2 days would be a good and sunny one! So we crossed our fingers and hope that the next 2 days in Krabi would be good.
 photo SAM_6667.jpg
Stopped by this stall where they sell oyster omelette and Phai thai! Seem like a pretty popular one with incoming customers for dine in as well as takeaway so we got ourselves a seat (still in our poncho, lol) and ordered our dinner!
 photo nightfood.jpg
 photo dinner.jpg
That night was the only night i carried my pineapple bag and it had to be hidden under the poncho! Now i look through all the photos taken in Krabi also don't have one with my pineapple bag. So wasted, i 久久一次 bring it overseas...
 photo nightmarket.jpg
Krabi night market was a not bad one selling a huge variety of stuff such as handicraft items, apparels, bags, souvenirs, and not forgetting food! It just like a pasar malam that only opens during the weekends. It was raining that night so some stalls were closed but later through the night when the rain got smaller/ stop, the stalls re-opened again.
 photo R0011050.jpg
Beautifully hand craved soap by this lady in the market. She did it on the spot, so amazed by her skills.
 photo R0011035.jpg
Cocktail in a bamboo shoot. Just order any cocktail that you want and you get to enjoy your drink in this cute bamboo shoot cup. Just in case if you are wondering if you can take the "cup" away or drink from it as you walk, it's yours :D
 photo drinks.jpg
As we were walking back to our hotel, we decided to drop by a bar to grab a drink!
 photo SAM_6685.jpg
This roof top bar that we went to overlooks the "red light district" alley so we get to spot any action from the above! Mostly are the ang mos patronizing the bars. It's like a mini version of the bangla street in Phuket, HAHAHHA
 photo prata.jpg
On the way back we spotted this road side prata store so we ordered their famous banana prata in chocolate sauce!
 photo R0011061.jpg
Sitting by the road side in the middle of the night having banana prata. The real adventure starts the day! :D
 photo SAM_6705.jpg
Dropped by the 7 eleven just right outside our hotel to find food for the next day's breakfast. Since our room has a microwave each, we bought all these microwavable food items like ham and cheese croissant, hot dog cheese bread,  fried rice etc for our breakfast! They are about 25 baht ($1) for each packet only! Why don't they have these in SG?

In the day before we headed to Krabi town, we went to book our Krabi tour packages for the next 2 days in Krabi. One advice is that, you DON'T book your Krabi tour packages at the airport because it's so much more expensive. You can get it at a much cheaper or even half the price at the main areas of Krabi. I learnt my lesson in Phuket the previous time, LOL and also, don't settle at the first stop, look around to find the best deal and bargain for a cheaper package!

In the end, we booked a day tour to Phi Phi island for Day 2 (which consist of a few island tours but the highlight was Phi Phi island, lunch and snorkeling) and the 4 island tour for Day 3 (which brings us to the 4 famous islands outside Krabi, with lunch and snorkeling included) That's all i have for Day 1 in Krabi! Do look forward to the next post!

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