Sunday, January 19, 2014

Resolutions for 2014!

You know how at the start of every year you try to make a few resolutions that you would want to achieve by the end of the year. But the question is, how many people actually remember what resolutions you made at the start of the year? Unless you write it down somewhere, you probably would forget it by the time the year ends (unless you have super good memory which i'm quite sure most people do not have, LOL) I'm not really a fan of making new year resolutions because most of the time either i forget what resolutions i made or i won't achieve it BUT i shall try again this year.
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Spent the past 1 week and made 8 resolutions, or should i say goals for this year. Thought it would be rather boring to just type a whole chunk of words and make this blog post into one of the those really wordy post where no one wants to read so... i made the effort to doodle out my 8 goals on my notebook, scan it into the computer, and write a short explanation in this post so that at least at the end of 2014, i can look back and see if i manage to achieve any of these.
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For the longest time,i have been procrastinating about getting my driving license. I could have gotten it when i turned 18 and now i'm turning 25 this year. What have i been doing for the past 6 years -__- So i'm finally gonna find a really patient instructor, quickly learn and get my driving license once and for all! How difficult can driving be right. I would be really grateful if you guys can help me out by introducing me or have any contacts of private auto driving instructor, please email me thank you! I've decided to take auto by the way, too lazy for manual. Don't start on lecture, LOL
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Traveling has always been on my mind and since i somehow managed to travel 5 times out of the country in 2013 (an average of a trip every 2.5 months, i have no idea how i did it.) my goal for 2014 is at least 4 times and 1 of it must be to somewhere i haven't been before! I've already gotten tickets to BKK in April, and a trip to Korea in June (pending confirmation) so i'm left with 2 more. Shouldn't be that difficult to achieve but which country to go? Japan? Australia?
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This goal is super general i know. Everyone also say save money, earn more money but how much exact? By the end of 2014, i have to make a really important decision which can change the course of my future and money will definitely be one of the factors. This year, i shall try to earn and save as much money as i can through different means (legally of course) at the same time, not compromising my lifestyle. I know it sounds contradicting but i understand can liao, LOL
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I've ALWAYS wanted to learn a new language and practice it when i visit the country but then again, i don't have the time and not willing to attend classes to learn it. I'm trying to depend on myself to learn something new, maybe i should start by getting a language book. While i have yet to decide which language, my mind is saying Korean. Then again, i think it's quite stupid to learn how to converse in another language but yet you have no idea what the person is replying. You understand what i mean? I will try my best, or at least start learning bit by bit. I can do it, haha!
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Every year is the same thing. Come to think of it, i've been blogging for like 7 years? I'm really thankful for this humble blog of mine which enables me to have so many opportunities that many others might not even get to experience it in their teenage life. Guess i got really lucky 7 years ago and i should be proud that i came this far. I'm often reminded of how long i've been blogging when young adults come up and tell me, "I've been reading your blog since secondary school!" LOL. Shall enjoy it while it last, and may there be more blogging opportunities knocking on my virtual door (:
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I feel really fat at times and i'm not exactly skinny if you know me well enough. The only time i run is that 1 time during my IPPT in April and for the rest of the year i seldom exercise. You can see from my blog and instagram that i'm always having those sinful food. Sometimes i really feel guilty for not keeping fit. So this year, i decided to add in this goal which i have no idea whether i will able to achieve it and that's to join 3 marathons/ runs (so that i do not only run once a year, LOL) Probably gonna brush off this goal by joining those "event" runs like illumi run, colour run etc. HAHAHA
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Every time i tell people my age, they will give me the priceless look. I don't know whether it's a good thing to look young but sometimes people don't take me seriously. There was one time when the counter staff at Mcdonalds demanded for my student pass, i said i didn't have it but i was charged student meal anyway. Another time at Pizza hut i ordered a personal pan set lunch and the staff replied, "1 student meal personal pan set" I was like, "Okay..."

I figured out my dressing probably played a part at how people determine my age. You guys should have seen the way i dress when i go out with friends compared to going out with my colleagues, LOL There was one time my neighbor saw me in the lift when i was dressed up in my street wear (Boy london, haha) and he went, "You have a brother that is in the air force right?" In my mind i was like, "Whutttttt" But i replied anyway - "Ya, my twin brother." Trollololol ttm.

So i shall try to change my style but wearing more buttoned shirt and pants instead of my usual street wear (blame it on KPOP lah, lol!) I say i will try only, even though i'm not very confident of changing my style. No promise, LOL
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Last but not least, i have a confession to make. For the past 2 years, i have been taking a cab to work, at least 80% of time. I'm considered very lucky because my work place is just 15 mins away from my workplace by car and at the very most 30 mins by bus if there's a jam BUT the thing is, there is only 1 bus from my house to my workplace and the frequency is quite long. If i miss my bus, i would have to wait at least another 15 mins for it and for that 20% of the time which i take a bus to work, i was late. So i deciding to give up waiting, and take a cab every morning. It cost an average of about $7 per trip (which i already set aside some part of my salary every month for transport aka cab fare)

I know the simplest way to save on cab fare would be to wake up earlier but sometimes or should i say most of the time when i try to be early, the bus is so packed that i couldn't get up and have to wait another 15 mins for the next one. And because it has become a habit to take a cab to work everyday, it seem legit to take a cab anywhere else... *guilty as charged* So for goal no. 8, i will TRY my best and take the public transport and if i were to take a cab to work in the morning, I will NEVER take a second ride in the same day, regardless of the destination. That's a promise to myself.

That's a total of 8 resolutions/ goals that i have set for myself for 2014. I hope i will be able to achieve at least half of it. In December 2014, i will be looking back at this post and maybe share with you guys how i fared for the year?

Before i end this post,