Sunday, March 16, 2014

D.I.Y Pancakes at Nook!

Have always wanted to visit Nook but it's all the way at the other end of the island. (I stay in Pasir Ris by the way) and Bukit Timah isn't exactly a place i would visit unless there is really a need to. Just nice that day i was in the west and looking for a brunch place and 2 places immediately came up in my mind - #1: Carpenters and Cook, #2:Nook! I didn't know they are just side by side until i arrived there, LOL In the end decided to have Nook for brunch instead :D
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 photo R0012480.jpg
What really entice me to Nook is the Do It Yourself pancakes! You know how pancakes always comes in a circle shape when you order them outside? At Nook you get to create your own pancakes. Just choose what pancake flavour you want (quite a lot of flavors to choose from!) choose your sides/ toppings and have fun making your own pancakes!
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On top of the DIY Pancakes they also offer all day breakfast so Jing long and i got a set each (:
 photo R0012487.jpg
Red velvet batter and cream cheese topping! #ultimatecombo
 photo R0012488.jpg
 photo R0012491.jpg
 photo R0012503.jpg
Humpty Dumpty - Poached eggs on Brioche bread also known as Eggs Benedict. LOL
 photo R0012498.jpg
Oh my omelette! Fluffy omelette with cheese, spinach and mushroom with Brioche.
 photo fun.jpg
Had a lot of fun creating different shapes with the batter and the red velvet taste is not bad! Soon we ran out of ideas what shapes to make (and the fact that we only have 1 colour to play with.) so we started making lots of mini circle pancakes. LOLOLOL If you are those lazy people who wants to eat without getting your hands dirty, you can also order pancakes through the menu and have the experts do it for you! They have this rainbow pancakes which looks so good!!!
 photo R0012519.jpg
Trying my best to stack up the mini pancakes as high as possible. #fail
 photo R0012520.jpg
DIY pancake stack by Jing long, LOL Took the tomato from our brunch and placed it on the stack and drizzle maple syrup on it. With the perfect lighting and photoshop-ed lens flare, it looks like a dish on it's own right! HAHAHHAHAHA
 photo R0012523.jpg
Ended up with quite a lot of red velvet batter left in the bottle (thank goodness we only order 1 bottle!) and i started playing around with random designs, trying to finish up everything. #didntyourmumtellyounottoplaywithfood LOL
 photo R0012525.jpg
The end result like a cool. We finished every bit of the pancakes fyi.
 photo IMG_8268.jpg
Had to write my own name at least once with the batter. HAHAHA #Narcissism
 photo R0012485.jpg
 Nook D.I.Y House of Pancakes
21 Lorong Kilat, 598123

Overall it was quite a fun experience being able to create my own pancakes and have brunch at the same time. The initial plan was to have brunch at Nook then head over to Carpenters and cook next door for coffee or something but we were too full! Had to give it a miss, oh wells. The total bill at Nook was about $30 which i think is really affordable for 2 pax! 2 brunch set + a bottle of batter and topping. Secretly hoping that they open another outlet in the east, LOLOLOL

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