Sunday, March 9, 2014

#ForestadventureSG on a Saturday!

Last weekend i was invited by Forest adventure and One9ninety to take on the 2.5 hours forest adventure grand course located at Bedok Reservoir! Was really excited because it's not gonna the "usual" brunch/ shopping kind of Saturday but one full of adventure! Got to bring 3 friends along so i got Jiaqi, Jing Long and Joyce to take on the challenge with me!
 photo Photo1-3-1431328pm.jpg
Staying in the east for almost all my life, i've heard of Bedok Reservoir having an adventure course. The last time i attempted something like this was probably 3 years ago when i went to OBS during my army days? Was not really a fan of high obstacle course because i had a height phobia but slowly throughout the years, it was not so serious. What i was really looking forward to this adult grand course was the 4 zip lines! Not just 1 BUT 4 zip lines! (also popularly known as flying fox) You know how normally obstacle course only has 1 flying fox and that's it? THIS ONE HAS 4! SUPER EXCITED.
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The first 30 mins was the safety briefing by one of their instructors. This brief is REALLY important because once you are up there in the trees, it's literally impossible to get down (can't even jump down) and there is no one up there to help you. You really have to depend on yourself and remember every step. Be safe and at the same time, have fun! :D
 photo SAM_7446.jpg
#selfie during the safety brief. Not exactly the right thing to do, LOL
 photo SAM_7453.jpg
Harness tighten, helmets on. WE ARE READY!!! Be prepared to spend the next 2.5 hours in the trees.
 photo SAM_7466.jpg
Before we go on the actual course, we had a "practice" session where we recap on the things that we were told during the safety brief. It was quite easy to remember actually. Maybe about 3 important steps/ things to remember?
 photo SAM_7458.jpg
 photo SAM_7472.jpg
 photo SAM_7474.jpg
One by one we climbed up onto the 4m platform above the ground. Things to remember: Maximum of 3 persons on each platform and only 1 can attempt each obstacle at one time - which might be why it takes 2.5hrs to complete.
 photo SAM_7476.jpg
 photo SAM_7481.jpg
Looks easy but it's actually quite tiring. When it comes to a junction where we had to choose either the easy path or harder path, all of us went for the more difficult one. Since we are already up there what! Might as well, LOL :|
 photo SAM_7501.jpg
 photo SAM_7513.jpg
Joyce swaying with the wind. LOLOLOLOL
 photo SAM_7531.jpg
Jiaqi caught in the web, waiting for the spider. #nonsense
 photo SAM_7548.jpg
Because the course is just right above the running track, there were passerby/ joggers who will stop by and cheer us (and laugh as us as well!) Must be a funny sight to see us struggling in mid air and screaming our lungs out, LOL
 photo SAM_7522.jpg
#selfie 4 metres above ground level. If you are wondering, i brought my camera along with me which was a big risk but then again, i wanted photos for keepsake as well as for this blog post so i decided to bring it up. At one point of time, my camera almost died because i landed on it during the zipline. Phew, luckily it survived in the end. Heng
 photo SAM_7523.jpg
 photo SAM_7557.jpg
 photo SAM_7576.jpg
Remember i mentioned max 3 person a platform. Well, in order to take this photo, we had Jing long to "remain" on his obstacle so that we can have all 4 of us in a photo! Comes to think of it... it doesn't really look like we are in the air.
 photo SAM_7527.jpg
Joyce screaming while on the zip line. Don't know is she scared or what. It's like one of the best feeling ever leh!
 photo SAM_7571.jpg
Grabbed jiaqi for a selfie before she launched herself off the platform for the final 4/4 zip line!
 photo SAM_7578.jpg
The feeling on the zip line was really nice! Literally across the waters (or reservoir, LOL), hands and legs dangling in mid air. Sometimes you wish it never ends because the feeling is so carefree and you get to enjoy the scenery. Like i mentioned, the plus point is that you get to experience this not once, but 4 times in this grand obstacle course (:
 photo SAM_7585.jpg
  Group photo (including limei, who was in the other team) to end the day! Our session started at about 3.30pm and unknowingly, it was almost sunset when the session ended. Guess it was too fun that we lost track of time! It was a really tiring (my whole body was damn sore!) yet fun day with a bunch of good friends. Just in case you are wondering, the grand course is priced at $44 per pax and they do cater for large/ corporate groups. If you and your friends are bored and thinking what to do over the weekends, why not drop by Forest adventure and challenge yourselves? LOL