Sunday, June 1, 2014

Cafe hopping: Lola's Cafe!

The first time i "visited" Lola''s cafe was at the beginning of the year during the after-CNY period, my cousins and i were thinking where to have brunch and couldn't make a reservation at Symmetry in time so i suggested Lola's since i've always wanted to visit it. When we arrived, we were told by the staff that the place was fully booked and it was not recommended for us to queue since brunch will not be available by the time we got a seat (est. queuing time was about 45 mins -_-) So we decided not to wait and i brought them to my all time favourite Pique Nique in town for brunch! :D

Recently i decided to try my luck again and visited Lola's cafe during a weekday evening. Can't believe i was told that my friend and i had to wait 45 mins for seats (again!) but they had a system to  notify you via phone once your table is ready so we roamed around that area until they called. Half the time we were nua-ing at the nearby bus stop. HAHAHA
 photo Photo4-5-1454937pm.jpg
5 Simon Road Singapore 545893. Nearest MRT: Kovan. 5 min walk away from the station.
 photo SAM_7868.jpg
First thing first i ordered a drink. Wanted a hot drink so i ordered a Hot chocolate ($5) thinking that i would get an instagram worthy art on it but it came in this glass bottle shown above. So disappointed, LOL The hot chocolate was REALLY thick and by the time i finished it, i thought i was going to get a sore throat the next day. A bit kua zhang, LOL
 photo SAM_7885.jpg
Ordered the Nacho Cheese Fries ($8) to share because everyone who had it was raving about how good it is. I would say it's really not bad and the portion was huge. Generous amount of cheese and a little bit of spice. Good for a starter :D
 photo SAM_7880.jpg
This is definitely one of the must order at Lola's - Honey and Paprika Crispy Wings (8 pcs for $9) The wings were fried till crispy golden brown, drizzled with honey and sprinkled with paprika. Definitely the highlight of the day. So worth it.
 photo SAM_7872.jpg
Got the Bangers and Mash with sweet onion sauce ($8) for myself. Did not want to have the mains because i was afraid it would be too much with the 2 sides. The portion for the Bangers and Mash was just nice for me and definitely filling.
 photo SAM_7870.jpg
Bacon and mushroom spaghetti with truffle cream sauce ($14) Not gonna comment much because i only had a mouthful.
 photo SAM_7889.jpg
We only had a small table to the two of us and thank god we managed to fit everything on it. Really satisfying meal!
 photo SAM_7894.jpg
After we finished all the food, i was thinking if should order a dessert since there was still room (there is always room for dessert, lol) Wanted to have something refreshing instead of chocolate-ty like the Nutella tart or brownie with ice cream (no thanks to the gao gao hot chocolate) so i decided on having the Lemon Meringue Tart ($4) which was really refreshing and worth it at just 4 bucks! The lemon was zesty and not too sour and the meringue was not too sweet. What a great combi and not forgetting this crunchy lemon peel placed on top! Really surprised at how good it was!!! :D

Overall it was a really good dinner (super full!) I think i will go back one day to try out their brunch menu and other desserts. Another good thing about this cafe is, all the prices are nett price, no GST! What you see is what you pay!

Opening Hours:
Tue: 15:00 - 23:00
Wed - Thu: 10:00 - 23:00
Fri - Sat: 10:00 - 00:00
Sun: 10:00 - 23:00
Closed: Mon