Saturday, June 7, 2014

#CousinsBKK Day 3 & 4

It's already the month of June and i've yet to finish up my Day 3 and 4 of my #CousinsBKK trip that happened in April! As continued from the previous post (Read it HERE if you haven't!) Day 3 is technically the last full day we have in BKK and it's the day we headed to Chatuchak weekend market! Woke up early in the morning, skipped the hotel buffet breakfast (because it's not really very nice plus there are so many amazing street food just outside the hotel) and had a hearty good breakfast! Did i order another portion of the omelette egg rice that i mentioned in the previous post? YES, I DID! :D
 photo 33.jpg
A total of 10 of us at BKK! I think this is the first time i ever traveled in such a big group, LOL

Chatuchak (also known as JJ Market) is not exactly near to main city and normally people would take cab over. I still remember the last time i took a tuk tuk to Chatuchak, my friends and i somehow fell in their trap and got led to several places before reaching Chatuchak after an hour (read about my experience HERE) Anyway, there is apparently another way which i thought was much better which is to take the train. It's cheap, fast and you don't have to be stuck in the jam. So the 10 of us took a train over and reached within 30 mins! Another good thing about taking the train is that when you alight from the station, the whole stretch of road leading to the market is already lined up with stalls (you can see from the photo below) and that's where your shopping begins! Just take note that the weather is SUPER hot! >.<
 photo 34.jpg
Decided to split up the group because everyone is looking at different stuff so we set a time to gather and head back to the city. Eventually the few groups split up even further and soon i was shopping alone, LOL But i'm not complaining. HAHAHA The market is so HUGE that you probably won't get to meet up with the rest along the way. (but i met a few though.) The weather was so hot that i had to buy a drink (watermelon juice is the besttt!!!) every hour to quench my thirst. Oh ya, not forgetting to buy the all time favourite refreshing coconut ice cream with toppings along the way! :D

By the time we met up, everyone was carrying a few bags of loots so eventually we decided to take a cab back to the hotel before dinner. Had the same cheap and delicious street side zi char that we had on the first day (decided to try another stall!) After dinner, everyone had their own plans for the night so we split up and a few of us went over to...
 photo 31.jpg
After you dessert cafe at Central World! Heard so much about the toast dessert there and friends who travel to BKK never fails to upload a photo of their dessert on FB or Instagram! It's finally my turn, MUAHAHHA Their most famous dessert would be the Shibuya Honey toast! I had the Ferrero Rocher toast and it was simply delicious! Very worth it :D
 photo 32.jpg
Not wanting to head back to early, Don and i went to catch "Captain America" at their cinema while Jiaqi and Angie went to shop around and eventually went for foot massage (again, lol) It was my 2nd time watching a movie in BKK and i remember they will play this Thai King video before the movie and everyone had to stand up in a form of respect. On the way back to the hotel, we went to Mcdonalds and ordered their chicken meal and had it for supper! #fatdieus LOL

Woke up early the next day and decided to roam around the area on my own and came back with a few bags of stuff. Was walking around aimlessly and eventually i ended up in front of Platinum mall just across the road! Everyone had breakfast and went off to do some last minute shopping since our flight is in the evening. We had to check out the room early so we packed our luggage nicely the night before but guess what? Almost everyone came back with more stuff...
 photo 42.jpg
In the end we had to open up our luggage unglam-ly at the hotel lobby and try to squeeze in all our new buys into the already maxed out luggage! The scene was damn epic, as if the whole lot of us were preparing our individual booth for a flea market sale at the lobby. HAHHAHAH Clever me (and joyce) bought another luggage to put our extra stuff. LOLOL
 photo 41.jpg
Group selfie at the hotel lobby before we took a cab to the airport! #cousinsBKK
 photo 43.jpg
That marks the end of our 10pax 4D3N #CousinsBKK trip!

Had a pretty memorable trip with the *Cousins, not forgetting Angie's Mango incident #hermangostory, the non-stop playing of "Pharrell Williams - Happy" on their national TV and even hearing it throughout the night because the room beside mine does not turn off their TV when they sleep and the walls are not sound proof (Thanks ah. Angie, Don and Joyce. LOL) The shopping times when the whole group of us suddenly gather in one small shop so that we can get more discount when we combine our purchases! The delicious food we had throughout the trip, can anyone of us forget that amazing crispy fried chicken we had on the last day before we depart for the airport?! That's all. Till the next trip.