Saturday, June 14, 2014

i-Fly Singapore: I believe i can fly!

I always had a phobia of height (but it gets a bit better as the years goes by) and i have always wondered how it feels like to sky dive. I ever thought of planning a trip to Australia and include sky dive into my itinerary but that's in the near future i guess. I've always heard about the indoor sky diving (iFly) at Sentosa but each flight session cost about $99 so it has never crossed my mind to go try it. A few months ago i was doing a churp churp advert on Kaplan and it requires me to think about what would i want to learn in 8 months so i immediately thought of Sky diving so i submitted this:
The churp advert got accepted and was published on my twitter feed. So i thought it was just like another any other tweet. Little did i expect that one month later, i received a notification on my twitter from Kaplan Singapore:
My mind was blank when i read this. Apparently i won their twitter contest, LOL

Not wanting to go alone so i immediately asked my clique of friends if any of them was secretly thinking of trying iFly but can't seem to find people to go with them and eventually i got Limei and Joyce to learn the basics of sky diving!
 photo counter.jpg
Fast forward to our first lesson, we checked in 45 mins before the actual "flight" for a brief on the hand signals and such, plus a safety video and it was time to put on our flying gear and try out the actual thing! I have no idea why but i was quite scared initially. HAHAHHA I was like, "What if i can't seem to float" So pai seh because got people watching!
 photo gearup.jpg
Gear up area where we don the flight suit, put in the ear plugs and finally the helmet. All ready to go!
 photo us.jpg

I think i look quite ridiculous putting the goggles over my specs but i want to be able to see where i'm "flying" ma, and to lookout for the camera also (just in case i want to buy the photo!) LOLOLOL Should have wore my contacts instead...
 photo tunnel.jpg
This is how the indoor wind tunnel looks like. (got this photo via google image, forget the link liao :|)

Each session consist of 2 flights and each flight last for about 2-3 mins i think. Unknowingly, i became the first to enter the wind tunnel -_- During the briefing sessions, we were taught the different hand signals so that the flight instructor can use it to instruct us to do actions like - Chin up. Legs bend, arch your body more etc. But i tell you, once you are inside, you WILL forget everything. All you would want to do is try to stay afloat and not fall to the bottom. Not so easy.
 photo wefly.jpg
#unofficial photos of us "flying" These are the better looking ones. The rest were... ugly. LOL
 photo IMG_1499.jpg
Got a certificate for learning the basics of sky diving. With this certificate, flyers will get to skip the initial briefing and directly head to the gear up area to change and learn more advance sky diving techniques like doing flips and such! So exciting and scary at the same time! Sometimes i wonder this is how you would feel when doing the actual skydiving. Well, that's for me to find out in the near future! I would definitely share my experience next time! :D