Saturday, June 28, 2014

La Marelle Café & Boutique

Sunday cafe hopping and Limei suggest visiting La Marelle Cafe near Haji Lane after looking at some of the photos and reviews online so we headed over for our Sunday brunch! The shop house itself was quite easy to spot because of the vibrant colours painted outside and a staircase led us to the cafe on the 2nd storey. Upon entering, all sorts of colours welcomed you. The walls are painted in blue, pink, red neon lights and paintings/ doodles all over the place (as you can see in the photos below) Like as if i entered a quirky place where they do fortune telling via those crystal orbs, LOLOL
 photo IMG_1515.jpg
Brunch menu was quite simple but abit on the pricey side so the few of us ordered a dish each.
 photo IMG_1522.jpg
Spicy Aglio Olio
 photo IMG_1525.jpg
Spaghetti With Carbonara sauce
 photo IMG_1528.jpg
I had their breakfast set which consist of one large croissant, 3 sausages, scrambled eggs and a side salad. The scrambled eggs were too mashed and it was served cold.  The sausages seem to be handmade with a little spice inside. Quite disappointed in the dish and it was on a pricey side for the quality and portion. Will i have it again? No, i won't.
 photo IMG_1530.jpg
Overview of the 3 dishes and a cup of coffee. Presentation wise, it looks really good. Taste wise, you will have to judge it for yourself. I heard recently they did a revamp on their menu though. The thing about instagram nowadays is people now take a photo of their food and upload it before they actually taste it. Their followers will then have the first impression that the food is good based on the photo and decided to find one day and head down to visit the place. (i'm not just referring to cafes) Oh wells. Good presentation and good editing of food photos does get the likes right? HAHA