Wednesday, July 2, 2014

#throwback: Picnic at Marina Barrage!

 photo 1-2.jpg~original
I have this folder on my computer desktop that is named "yet to edit" and the amount of folders inside just keep increasing and increasing (you can now imagine the amount of #throwback posts i still have! LOL) So i was randomly looking through it and i saw this set of happy photos taken during the annual cousins* picnic in July so i was thinking why not edit them and do up a simple blog post with all the photos? The photos in this post are all taken by my awesome iPhone and minimal editing was done. All i did was to edit the colours and a bit of the fading as you can see :D
 photo 2-2.jpg~original
Come to think of it, this is the 4th year we are doing this picnic at Marina Barrage and i'm glad almost everyone could make it this time. Everyone had to contribute by bringing a food item and i volunteered to bring fruits so i had to wake up early in the morning and go to the market to buy different kinds of fruits and prepare them nicely (as you can see in the above photo *flicks hair*) Anyway, that day was also the day i realised how expensive fruits can be. I wanted a variety so i bought a box of strawberries, one whole honeydew, one whole watermelon, a bag of grapes and a few kiwis.

The weight of the fruits was oh my tians. I had to carry them and walk home. After which, i had to prepare the fruits. I even thought of an innovative way of presenting the honeydew and watermelon, which was to scoop out little balls of them (in case you find it hard to imagine, click HERE for an example...) then again, it was not easy to do so after all so i scooped about a box of each and just cut the remaining normally before putting them into the boxes. LOLOLOL Anyway we had a whole lot of food that day! There was a sushi platter, lots of chicken KFC, chewy junior puffs, fried food like seaweed chicken, hotdog etc, chocolate fondue and the list goes on. There were still leftovers at the end! T_T
 photo 3-2.jpg~original
Brought my selfie stick along that day (ordered it online together with a wired remote!) and took lots of photos. It's damn awkward when you use it alone or take it out in the middle of the street but when you are in a big group, it becomes perfectly normal to use it! All the pai seh-ness disappeared. LOL It's damn awesome when you take photos in big groups! Most of the photos (with humans in it) are taken using the selfie stick, pretty obvious for some photos, LOL
 photo 4-1.jpg~original
Awesome group shots that includes everyone! By the way, the little boy that see in this post is Jiaqi's nephew :D
 photo 5-1.jpg~original
And that's how we spent our Saturday afternoon that day...

I have no idea where we went after the picnic. (It's 2 months ago hello?) But i guess that's not important. Hopefully every single year we can have one day for our annual picnic, even when we are attached, even when we have kids. I guess it would be quite epic. Imagine the strollers and the crying babies or kids that run everywhere. 我的天阿 HAHAHA