Monday, August 25, 2014

Stateland Cafe, Red Velvet Waffles!

When i first started this blog 6 or 7 years ago, i was just randomly ranting about my daily life, bitching about school and i had like 20 readers/ day which are probably made up of my classmates and friends. As the years goes by, my readership increased and i started attending events, meeting new people, earning extra income and unknowingly, it's been 7 years! One of the common question i get when i meet with other bloggers for the very first time was, "So what do you blog about?" This was one of the hardest questions back then before the term - "Lifestyle Blogger" came about...

There are some specific types of bloggers where they can easily introduce themselves. Some examples would Travel bloggers and Food bloggers as 90% of their blog content are focused on a certain topic. I am like the "everything under the sun" kind of blogger since i literally blog about everything from food, places, reviews etc. Now that the term "Lifestyle Blogger" is more recognized, it's so much easier as people understand that "lifestyle" basically covers everything, LOL For me, i share on my travel trips, cafes i visit, do reviews, share tips and new products... Oh! By the way, sharing some lifestyle offers (ASOS, Pizza hut and more) by CupoNation. Help you all save $$ along the way, HAHA

While i have couple of adverts to submit and my still yet-to-finish Korea travelogue,  here's another post on a cafe that i recently visited! If you have been following my list of cafes i visited, this is like dunno the how many cafes i went already,  maybe 30th? Time to count! HAHA So many cafes have been popping out recently and is making me think twice whether to open my own. The question is "what is gonna differentiate my cafe from all the rest out there." Anyway, went to Stateland cafe which is known for their Red velvet waffle! I wanted to try it for myself to see if it's really good!
 photo stateland1.jpg
Stateland Cafe
30 Bali Lane. Nearest MRT: Bugis Station
Mon - Thu: 12:00 - 22:00 | Fri - Sat: 12:00 - 00:00 | Sun: 10:00 - 18:00 | Closed: Tuesday
 photo stateland25.jpg
Was quite lucky and got ourselves a table almost immediately. Doesn't seem crowded but there's actually a queue outside at the other entrance. Stateland cafe actually occupies 2 of the shophouses along the street. Quite easy to spot.
 photo stateland2.jpg
We ordered an Eggs Benedict ($14.90), Big Breakfast ($17.90) and a Carbonara (Not in photo, $10.90) Waited close to 45 mins for the food to arrive, and finished it within 10 mins because we were that hungry. Service was pretty slow but it might be due to the crowd that day since it's a weekend. Felt that the food was pretty normal, nothing to wow about but i did like the home made tomato chilli jam that came along with my Eggs Benedict! It tasted really refreshing, nice!
 photo stateland3.jpg
Highlight of the afternoon - The Red Velvet waffle topped with cream cheese glaze and vanilla ice cream ($14.90)

Light and slightly chewy, and i thought the cream cheese really compliments the velvety chocolate waffle. I can easily finish the whole thing on my own because there's definitely room for dessert! HAHAHA If i were to return to Stateland, i would definitely want to try the other waffles such as the Black forest and S'mores but for food wise, i think i would give it a miss. Maybe just a hot drink and waffle will do ;) Was cafe hopping on a weekday and i realised i enjoyed it so much more. Less crowd, less noise, no queue, good music and no rush. Weekend is totally the opposite, LOL #ohwells

If you have any good deals or cafes to share, do tweet me @andystorm. I know people seldom comment on blogs nowadays unlike in the past, HAHA Ending this post with a couple of Zalora coupons if you guys are interested :)