Friday, August 29, 2014

WhatHeWants: Ultimate grooming concept store for men

I personally do not have a specific regime or brand that i use when it comes to facial care. To me, as long as the product sounds effective and is able to do what it claims to do then i'm perfectly fine with it. Till date, i don't have a facial product (be it facial wash, cream etc.) that i religiously use and die die have to buy back the same thing once it finishes. I've been switching products every now and then and honestly, i have no idea if a particular product is effective for me a not. LOL I just keep using as long as there isn't any outbreak or any obvious reaction. I'm not even sure what my skin type is like, Is it oily? dry? No one really explain to me before and i never go ask/ consult, HAHAHAHA

Based on looking at the mirror and while photoshopping i mean editing my photos, i figured out that i probably have blackheads, uneven pores and pimples once in awhile - which is why i'm always on a lookout to find products which can tackle these problems. Recently i was invited to WhatHeWants store to pick up a couple of products which i'm interested in. Like the name of the store suggest, the exclusive products at WhatHeWants are catered just for men. Hallelujah! Finally a store where guys can go in and picked whatever grooming products they need. You know how stores out there have a mix of both female and male products (and 90% of them are mostly female stuff and we only have that 10% to search and look through) Now this is like the one-stop for guys to get their facial/grooming product :)
 photo whw1-1.jpg
WhatHeWants is a young and dynamic company dedicated to providing the finest grooming products for men style and substance. You can expect exclusive products from all over the world that suits the grooming needs of men in SG. At WhatHeWants, you can find products ranging from shaving cream to hair products, facial needs and even fragrance! :D
 photo whw2.jpg
With so many products to choose from, i had to depend on the sales assistant to recommend some products which i think i might need. Apparently there are about 7 steps to facial cleansing regime (All the while i only have 1 step which is just to wash, LOLOLOL) and she patiently explained to me the bare minimum i should do and told me that i cannot just directly apply those serum and such without cleansing. I was like seriously... so much effort. Pei fu those who religiously cleanse their face everyday without fail, no wonder they got such nice skin. I want my skin to be better too!
 photo whw3.jpg
Now that i know what are the types of products i need, i basically spent the next 20 mins choosing from different brands such as Kyoko For Men skincare made using Japanese natural ingredient, Menscience from US, 100% free of fragrance, dyes and irritants, not forgetting to pick up hair products for myself since i pretty much use them everyday! WhatHeWants also carry other notable brands such as Labs Series Skincare for Men, Clinique Man and Biotherm Homme Skincare  products so there is definitely something that is suitable for you guys out there! Men fragrance of popular brands such as Calvin Klein, Prada, DKNY are available too! The last time i went, there were 50%  off selected brands! :)

Here are the products i picked for myself:
 photo SAM_0586.jpg
From the left: Menscience Daily facial wash for all skin types, 236ml for $55. Use it like a normal facial wash and it help to clear pore-clogging residues. Gatzmen Oil Free aqua toner for oily skin, 220ml for $65. First time using a toner, basically it helps to hydrate your skin after cleansing. Kyoku Pore reducing serum, 50ml for $65. Apparently this is what is gonna help me as it intensely reduce pore size and minimize blackheads (life saver!! LOLOLOL) and lastly, Gatzmen Men's hard styling wax, $29.90. Today marks the start of my regime and hopefully my skin gets better and better! HAHA
 photo P8213228.jpg
There are 2 outlets of WhatHeWants in Singapore. One is located at Orchard Central, Level 3 and the other is located at The Cathay on level 1. If you can't find time to head down to the store, you can also browse and purchase online via their webstore, FREE delivery for purchases above $150! For more information of WhatHeWants, check out For girls reading this, thinking about What She Wants as well? Fret not, just hop over to their sister store at Superberry.ME ( right opposite their Orchard Branch to find to find everything a lady needs. Before i end this post, just a piece of advice for everyone (including myself!) Don't be lazy when it comes to cleansing your face! After all, everyone loves a pretty face with good skin!