Saturday, September 27, 2014

D-2: Weekend Road Trip to Malacca! #Julies

Yet another photo travelogue post for my Day 2 in Malacca! So the night before i checked into our bungalow by One Residence, it's at like those private estates area you see in SG. Had a pretty good sleep and woke up early for breakfast at this place called "Toast N Toast", which specializes in different type of toasts. Very filling breakfast i would say as we ordered 2 sets each! After breakfast is the start of our half day Malacca tour! We were brought to the iconic "Red house" which is the Christ Church. It's like a must visit when you go to Malacca, must at least take a mandatory photo in front of it, HAHA After which we climbed up a small hill to historic St. Paul's church that was originally built in 1521. It's located at the summit of St. Paul's hill along with the A Famosa Ruins, the Stadthuys and other historical buildings. I sound like i know a lot about the place but i'm actually referring to Wikipedia when i do blog posts like this, LOLOLOLOL
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The half day tour took about an hour, had a free and easy session after which to shop at Dataran Pahlawan Mega mall and to get some local delights from this famous place called "San su gong" to bring back to home. Lastly, how can we leave Malacca without trying their Chicken Rice Ball! The staff of Julie's brought us to this apparently famous chicken rice ball stall and and had a fulfilling lunch before departing for Singapore, another 4 hours journey back on the coach.

That's it for my 2D1N Malacca Photo-Travelogue with Julie's! Photo credits to William (onlywilliam) Don (donnlicious) Celine (secretnudges) for some of the photos in this travelogue. Really enjoyed myself over the weekend with the other bloggers and felt that it was a good break away from Singapore. Hope you enjoyed reading this travelogue :D