Sunday, September 21, 2014

#foodporn: Supply and Demand.

I have been cafe hopping so much this year that nowadays when i'm thinking of a place to have my meal, the question i would ask myself would be, "What are the cafes nearby, which cafes have i not visit?" Then again, cafes nowadays offer the same typical menu like Big breakfast set, Eggs Benedict, Pastas etc. Even though i have visited 30 plus cafes in Singapore till date, when people ask me which is the best Egg Benedict i had, or which cafe i would recommend, i cannot really answer because i've tried so many variations that i can't remember which one had the largest impact on my taste buds. They all pretty much taste the same and honestly speaking, i think brunch sets are quite easy to make :|

If you look at "cafe hoppers" IG nowadays, you often spot common (insta-worthy) dishes like truffle fries, eggs Benedict, waffles etc AND most people often upload photos of their food before actually tasting it. People like us who happen to see the uploaded photo probably won't know how good or bad the food is but when more and more people visit the same cafe and take photos of the same kind of food, you probably think it's good and should visit it soon to join in the hype. Half the time you realized the food is just so-so but the place is worth visiting just for that 1 "hit item" or because of the nice ambiance, decor and setting. You probably won't go back the 2nd time though. A good example would be this cafe at Macpherson, not gonna mention which but you prolly go there, have a meal and order that "hit" item, take a photo of your meal, upload it and probably not return again. Sounds familiar? I admit that i'm one of those guilty ones.

Sometimes i feel that whenever i go cafe hopping, it's like paying an "admission fee" into the cafe, paying for average food and to "explore" a new cafe. Normally i spend an average of $25 - $30 a meal which consist of the dish and a drink, sometimes dessert. Come to think of it, not cheap hor? Every week i have brunch about once or twice, so 1 month i spend about $200 on just brunch alone? Anyway, this post technically isn't a cafe post because Supply & Demand is considered more of a restaurant. Other than the newly opened Orchard Central outlet, i heard there's one at Esplanade.
 photo SAM_0198.jpg
Not related to this post but i found this photo in my camera and have no idea what to do with it so might as well just post and share with you guys. I've always been a fan of Churros and when i heard about the newly opened (ok, maybe now it's not so new already) Spanish Doughnut at Orchard central, i decided to drop by to give it a try. Apparently this Spanish Doughnut is famous in Melbourne. Got myself the 'Choco Churritos' ($9.90) which is made to order and it comes in a cone with 3 chocolate dips - Milk chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate. Waited about 15 mins for my order and it was really good. The portion is quite A LOT for one so i would recommend for two to share, quite worth it!
 photo supply1.jpg
Decided to visit Supply & Demand after seeing an influx of photos of it on Instagram (See what i meant!) but this time there was really good reviews of the food so i was expecting quite a lot. After all Supply & demand is supposed to be a restaurant rather than a cafe so i expect their food to be much better in terms of quality and taste. Headed down at about 6 plus for dinner but had to be put on waiting list and got the call about 30 mins later. The restaurant was nicely decorated with dimmed lighting. Maybe because it's dinner time thus they have a lighted candle on each table. *wink
 photo supply2.jpg
Looked through the menu and decided on Garlic Truffle Fries to share, super awesome and addictive. Love the cut! Carbonara for Leon and Angie, Salad for Fenny and to top it off, a La Mattina Dopo / The Morning After pizza which consist of tomato sauce, Mozzarella, bacon and mushroom with a soft egg in the center for us to share as well. Pizza was not bad and it's supposed to be the highlight of the meal, but we had it cold because of all the photo taking. #FOL

I ordered a chicken dish for myself. The unique thing about their meat dish is that you only get to choose the meat, that's it. How the chicken is being prepared or the 2 side dishes that comes along will be based on the chef preference. Scary but interesting at the same time. i was praying that i would get something i eat because i'm super picky when it comes to food. Thank god it was greens (not a fan of veggies but hey! at least i eat broccoli) and sauteed potatoes :D
 photo supply3.jpg
Overall it was a pretty good meal, definitely much better quality food (slightly more expensive than cafe hopping) and we agreed that we should come back again for the food. Maybe we should go back during lunch time, maybe the "feel" different,lol. I would want to try the pizza again! This time have it hot upon being served instead of spending time taking photos of it. Super bad habit of waiting for all the dishes to arrive then take an "overall" photo of it. Some people would even spend time editing the photo nice nice, upload it before eating. The food cold until bu ke yi zai cold already. Put the phones away and just enjoy the meal. "People who love to eat are always the best people." Agree.

Then again, it depends on what food also, LOL